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Seattle, WA May 21st

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20-24 April Volunteer Weekend – click here to register

27-30 April  New Moon – Volunteer Weekend – click here to register

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Private remote TPRS sessions with James Gilliland
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ECETI reopens May 4th!

The SkyWatch/Camping Calendar is now ready for 2017.  
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led by Ashli

Wednesday 5:30pm – 8:00pm PT

(no teleconference April 12th)

Remembering Your Limitless Soul 5 Week Series:
Week 1: Recognizing Projections April 19th
Week 2:  Understanding the Ego April 26th
Week 3: Healing the Wounded Heart May 03rd
Week 4:  Owning Your Light May 10th
Week 5:  Remembering Your Divinity May 17th

 Register Week 1 – Recognizing Projections – April 19th teleconference

If you are truly an ageless soul, a multidimensional spirit…whose roots go all the way back to the source…a child of Creator once endowed with the same love, joy, bliss and creational powers – how do you remember?

The answer to that is…

When you know how you forgot and where the memories reside then you are on the path to awakening. It is often a battle with external forces keeping you from your internal awakening. It is also a battle with the ego, societal programming and unfortunately often family, friends and society in general that wants you to stay within the herd.

The biggest battle is within self.

Yes, the biggest battle is within self. You will blame, project, validate your frustrations, angers and predicaments on external forces but ultimately it is you that is creating your reality. Holding oneself accountable and responsible – observing oneself often with brutal honesty – is the way out of the matrix. It is the way to remembering.

James Gilliland 03.29.17 Newsletter

The teleconferences begin with the Healing Negative Influences process to set the space.  Then Ashli will bring through  multi-dimensional sharing on the specific weekly topic of remembering your Limitless Soul, followed by a specific meditation process and frequency recalibration process for that week.  After the process Ashli will take questions about your experiences with tonight’s topic first, then open to general questions.  These teleconferences are by donation.  Click the link below to register.

Register Week 1: Recognizing Projections –April 19th teleconference
Register Week 2: Understanding the Ego -April 26th teleconference

Register Week 3: Healing the Wounded Heart -May 3rd teleconference
Register Week 4: Owning Your Light – May 10th teleconference
Register Week 5: Remembering Your Divinity– May 17th teleconference

Click here for more information   

Click here for more information    




Ted Winslow interviewTed Winslow and the Solfeggio Frequencies

Listen to the archive recording of James’s interview with Ted Winslow.   Use coupon code ECETI at to
save 30% on ANY MP3 Album download from Ted’s collection
and Ted will donate $6.00 per album sale to
ECETI’s Nightvision Fundraiser.

Our thanks to Ted Winslow for extending the fundraising into 2017.


GoFundMe Project 


24 thoughts on “COMING UP AT ECETI”

  1. Hi Ashli,

    I last saw you for the self mastery weekened at the end of October, thank you so much again for the efforts of all the staff in making it the experience it was!

    I am interested in coming back again in July/August.

    I see there is the young masters event in July and there are 3 further ones over August. At the moment I can’t access any further information about the events on the website. If there isn’t any further reading available at this time would it be possible to briefly outline what the 4 events are about?

    Thank you and I hope you and the crew are well!


    1. Aloha Lawrence and great to hear from you! Still working on updating the weekend events. So much is shifting so quickly! The Young Masters program is for Children. James is back from international travel later this week – we’ll probably be moving a few things around. August 10th – 13th is the Theta Healing weekend. You can come and get a certification or come just to learn (certification has one more day). Here’s the 2016 description of the event. The weekend of August 17th – 21st which is the Solar Eclipse will more than likely be the new dates for our Elders Weekend – which we are renaming Wisdom Keepers Weekend – and it will be a weekend with Enlightened First Nations Elders sharing their prophecies and Star Nation Connections and the Solar Eclipse celebration. Our Barn Raising or Sustainability event weekends are hands on learning of how to build a platform for a treehouse, how to build a mud bag house, permaculture, bee keeping and more. And of course we have our normal camping/skywatch weekends. Hope that helps! Ashli

  2. James, I learned of your work while attending a Ramtha event in Yelm, Washington.
    I’ve attended your Science conferences and found them to be very purposeful to my 40 years of research.
    Thank you for your fearlessness, hard work and desire to wake the masses!

  3. Aloha,
    My name is Alanna Loehnis and I live in Haiku, on Maui.
    I noticed you always greet everyone with Aloha. I heard James on fade to Black and I thought…hmmm I hope I run into him on the island! So far no luck! But I already got my ticket to Contact! I am so excited for this event, Aloha nui loa and Mahalos! 808 all day!

    1. Aloha Alanna and thank you for your post. We use “Aloha” because of what the energy of the word represents…and, we (James as well as my partner Joseph & I) usually winter on Maui. James is leaving soon to return to ECETI but he will be at CITD. Also look for our Ambassadors Cassie & Linda at the ECETI Table – they can share lots about their own experiences here. Heart Hugs, Ashli

  4. Hello,
    Do you ever think about coming to
    Las Vegas / Henderson NV area?
    Thank you for your service.

    1. Aloha Deanna…..James is not doing much travelling himself. Joseph & I will most likely include Las Vegas on the 2018 Road Show if we can count on you to assist us in setting it up/promoting it. Our grandson lives in Vegas so it works perfectly. Blessings! Ashli

  5. I. Heard James on coast and was glad that he was back after a long time. This led me to go to the gathering in Eugene on the 13th. Really Really enjoyed it especially Ashli’s meditation. I left at the break because I was starving😉‼️ I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and had a very long day caring for ill relatives. So, I apologize for leaving early. Since I live in Eugene I wanted to get info about Tara ‘s business here. Where might I get this info? Thank you for replying and thank you for coming to Eugene with your far reaching and loving messages! You were all awesome and I hope to see you someday soon! Namaste’. Sharon

    1. Aloha beautiful and thank you for attending the event and for sharing. With your permission I will share your information with Taryn and she can be in touch. We look forward to welcoming you to ECETI when the time is right! Heart Hugs, Ashli

      1. Thank you Ashli and yes you have my permission to share my info with Taryn. I apologize for mispelling her name. 😉 I look forward to our meeting! Godspeed‼️💗🎈SR

  6. Hello, Friend,

    I am concerned that, while channeling is done, that people might encounter an unfriendly entity of some kind, and that disembodied spirits, or ones that were never incarnated, might be tricking to believe them. Please, All, be very wary not to mess up your lives.

    1. Aloha – thank you for your posting, I’m not sure if you were making a general statement or referring to something specific on this site. We do clearings before and during every event, teach the importance of Healing Negative Influences and share the clearing. We also stress Self Mastery and discernment. Thank you for your sharing. In Mastery not Fear, Ashli

  7. I heard you being interviewed by George Nory the other night. I am curious to know where all these creatures ou speak of live during the day. It seems that they onlycome out at night, right? Also, how do theymaintain an infrastructure or organized existence producing food, supplies, equipment, etc? I amnot saying that I disbelieve you, but there are many people who seem to make their livings writing such esoteric books, giving speeches, and conducting seminars,etc. One of the biggest is right here in my home town…Roswell, NM.

    1. Aloha John and thanks for your post. I’m not sure exactly what you mean when you reference “these creatures”? If you are speaking of the Benevolent Star Beings they exist in what Quantum Physics calls parallel timelines and/or dimensions so they don’t “come out” at night – they simply “are”. If you are speaking of seeing the Craft, it is easier to see them at night when they powerup, but if you look at the ECETI Australia website you’ll see they have footage of daytime sightings as well. They are around ECETI during the day as well, it is just that our Crew is usually busy working on the ranch and not looking up into the sky during the day – although this season we are intending to capture more daytime footage.

      Your questions about “maintaining an infastructure” etc – understand those questions are biased by the notion that they live as we do – that they eat “food” and need “supplies”. We always laugh when science says that there cannot be any life on other planets because of the atmosphere or because there is no water – that statement is biased by the belief that all intelligent life must have the same kind of requirements that we humans do – water and oxygen. Many of these Multi-Dimensional Star Beings are Light Beings – they have no need for “food” as we know it.

      What you may not be aware is that your brain “filters out” a great deal of what your eyes see on a daily basis. This study talks about how many bits per second are transmitted to your brain. These experiments talk about how the brain filters out what is “important” based on our beliefs and programming.

      We do not try to convince anyone to believe any thing. We share what we personally experience. We honor each individual’s free will in believing what you choose to believe, until perhaps your own experiences expand your mind to new possibilities. Wishing you amazing adventures – Ashli, ECETI Crew

  8. Nice, very nice.
    Just another fantasy nonsense and obvious lies to deceive gullibly and weak-minded victims to fork money for a lot of empty promises of “spiritual healing nonsense”. This is another money making scheme with a psychic twist. Shame on you for deceiving credulous and naive people and stealing their money.

    1. Aloha ECETI Community – I am publishing “George’s” posting to be transparent and to also post the response I sent privately to his email. Use your own discernment as to whether or not you resonate with James and his message of Self Empowerment.

      Email to George: Aloha…thank you for your “heart centered” judgement of who we are and what we do. If you’ve noticed, we have scholarships and energy exchange programs for everything we do….like everyone else we have bills to pay, so yes – like you earn money doing whatever it is you do for a living so do we. However we also do not turn away anyone with a genuine interest if they don’t have the $ to participate.

      The difference is we encourage people to be their own Master, to trust their own discernment – but there is a HUGE difference between discernment and ignorant judgement, something you appear to be quite good at.

      Unless and until you’ve come to ECETI with an open mind and experienced – or not experienced – what happens there, we lovingly understand your anger and judgements come from your egoic mind, your fear and your ignorance. May you wake up to who you truly are.

      In Mastery

  9. I listened to your interview on Coast with Jimmy Church , it is a true and sad Reality , I’m interested being a guest at your Ranch , would be an Experience that I’m sure one to never Forget . I’m living here in Colville Washington , and to come to Mt . Adams would be a trip of a life time . Thank you for sharing all your truly Wonderful Experiences ❤️👽☀️🍀

    1. Aloha Suzann and thanks for listening to the interview! We’ve gotten great feedback. James will also be on Midnight in the Desert with Art Bell Thursday March 16th

      We’d love to have you visit the ranch when the time is right. Check out the 2017 Calendar and then click on the link to register when you find the weekend that works for you. All Camping/Skywatch weekends are open for registration. The Self Mastery workshop with James is open for registration. I’ll have the rest of the workshop and conference events open for registration by the end of March. Heart Hugs, Ashli

    1. Aloha Max…remind me – are you offering to help at Portland road show or??? It’s been a bit hectic. Heart Hugs Ashli

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