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5:30pm – 7:00pm PT

Preparing for 11th Dimensional 

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We begin with the Healing Negative Influences process to set the space.  Our topic tonight focuses on the increase of energies on the planet as we prepare for the 11th Dimensional Contact with the MotherShip that has come through the Black Hole.  The Light Beings from this Craft are here to assist in the Awakening Process and their frequency is supporting us to shift what no longer serves us.  The impact of their energies is already being felt as we have previously discussed.  Tonight’s call is focued on going deeper into preparation for this contact both on the Inner Realms and in the phsyical.  There will be information sharing as well as a meditation process. After the process Ashli will take questions about your experiences with tonight’s topic first, then open to general questions.

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Wednesday May 25th 5:30pm – 7:00pm  PT
Star Family Intensive:  Connecting with the Pleiadians

Wednesday June 1st 5:30pm – 7:00pm  PT
Star Family Intensive:  Connecting with the Orion Council of Light

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Ted Winslow interview

 Ted Winslow and the Solfeggio Frequencies

Listen to the archive recording of James’s interview with Ted Winslow.   Use coupon code ECETI at to
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Schedule posted – Registration now open for
SkyWatch Weekends
James Gilliland’s Ambassador Training Weekend
ECETI 2016 Conference

Still working on finalizing all Workshop Weekends and the Monday Mini Workshops for the Conference….


WILL TAKE PLACE  JUNE 30TH – JULY 3RD with optional workshops by presenters on Monday July 4th

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Private remote TPRS sessions with James will restart in May 2016.  Use the link to join the waitlist.  Mahalo.


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28 thoughts on “COMING UP AT ECETI”

  1. I’m completely new to hearing James enlightenment of truth, as well to being very open minded yet I say I am still opening up to this world and there’s a lot to throw questions at but thanks to a few videos off YouTube I found myself hear. Completely jaw dropped but yet I haven’t possibly made extraterrestrial experience I have had a “bad dark spirit” effect me for a few years and I’m in a turning point these last two years and up coming year as well with being blessed by a close friend who was a roommate at the time and I was very skeptical and such but I noticed as well it really involves the being more such as you or well me in the situation and how you might say have a easy soul or not and I believe I did since I had let all the “propaganda” bully me and trance me and I’m Currently 19 yr so not to long to have walked this planet but I also at times from being a kid that’s a goof ball to being intellectually comprehensive and understanding , I don’t fully know the understanding of that , yet . Truly I’m here to say bless Eceti bless James bless those whom are the leaders of the good fight for our ascension and moving up our spiritual evolution and progressing onward with such dimensions as well, also I can tell your understanding of what I call the bigger picture with our universe and some species living within it as well as in multiple dimensions at the same time its not hard actually to understand I actually am trully fascinated and want to know more from the source and I know seeing and thinking of what and how you would react to such things is and can be incredibly different and might need to be careful at times as well, so does that whole meditation process go well because I still need to understand that, after going through such thoughts and understanding I get blocked or unfocused by messily little things and end up procrastinating too. Well I’m trully enjoy the information put out by you all and I wish to continue to stay in the flow of information and as well bring it out to those who haven’t heard or yet just don’t understand to start to understand.

    1. Aloha Jerry and thank you for your kind words and your being awake at the Young Master age of 19. Remember, you did not come to Earth to fit into a dysfunctional society…you came to Earth to shift the dysfunction by being authentically YOU. That sometimes can be a lonely path but when we understand Self Mastery is a path of Quality Connections (not quantity) then we ease up on our selves and enjoy the powerful connections we do make. I look forward to welcoming you to ECETI when the time is right. In the meantime, your mission is to BE THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE, not to try to convince anyone to change – for if they are not yet ready they will only resist. But by being the LIVING, LOVING, BREATHING Master that you are, your life will set an example for those who are ready to wake up to their own Mastery. Keep in touch and Keep Shining, Ashli ECETI Crew

      1. Thank you for the amazing wisdom that you have shed to me, I will gladly focus on my Light to keep it shining bright so that others can open up to there mastery as well, I have started to use meditation a little more fluent to help me focus more and help me keep expanding my mind and understandings of what goes on around us and what possibilities there are. I HOPE for the future to be able to support in anyway with the ECETI crew. Keeping on doing what all of you do its much appreciated by me and many others as well. Brightest hope and brightest dreams to all of us.

  2. Hi James , Tom here in NC really enjoyed your 2015 Conference looking forward to seeing your 2016 presenters list and hopefully being able to attend it this year as well.

    Wishing you and all your Staff the Best,

  3. I warched your three interviews and one documentary on Gaiam TV, and have gone almost in a trance listening to you. I wish there were more interviews of you. I have had throughout my life other worldly and/or stange experiences. You have connected a lot of dots. If I were younger and in better health, I would request an invite to your ranch. Unfortunately, it is too late for me. Thank you for what you do and continue to do. You have left me with a lot of piece regarding Mother Earth and humanity.

    1. On behalf of James, thank you for your very kind comments. Remember you too are a Divine Master just waiting to remember all that YOU are. Blessings, Ashli ECETI Crew

      1. For: James and Ashli. We met briefly 25 years ago ( James and I ) in SC when they came yet again to help in myn and others personal evolution. They keep saving and guiding saving and guiding. Please forgive any mis-step in my forward movement to make contact with you. For those of us who have had deep contact since we where very young, i believe it is time for us to begin coming forward and doing our part ( i believe, forordained ) in this liberation of souls into higher stages of awareness and evolving consciousness. I am : ) in a bit of need of ( light body ) cleansing before i / we begin the work at hand. In gratitude and peace Dd. Na Mah stay. dds629er@gmail

    1. Aloha Jennifer…would love to welcome you to ECETI! There are many links open now on the site, all of the SkyWatch weekends – (except one in August). So if you go to this link you can read through and discover what you are most attracted to and then follow the links to register For the weekend workshops I’m getting those links up as soon as I can – if you’re on the ECETI Newsletter list (sign up here) I’ll be sending out announcements as more workshops are open for registration. Please let me know how else I may support you. Blessings, Ashli

  4. Hi I would like an invitation to the June/July conference this year please. My friend and I will be coming from New Zealand and visiting Eceti will be one of the main reasons for coming. I hope to hear from you soon – airfares are cheap at the moment!

    1. Aloha Rachel, thanks for your patience. I love New Zealand! I lived in Australia for 15 years and was blessed with being able to fly across and visit the Land of the Long White Cloud many times! I know you’ve posted a couple times on the site, i was sick for most of February so I’m just catching up. I JUST finished the Conference registration page last night (I haven’t even sent out a newsletter on it yet). Here’s the link. Let me know if you have any questions and we look forward to welcoming you to ECETI when the time is right. In Light, In Love, In Mastery, Ashli ECETI Crew.

  5. If you guys need some help in the 2016 season, I would like to volunteer. I have a camper on my truck that I live in, so all I would need is a place to take a shower. I will work for free. I have extensive experience with hydroponic gardening and I have a bachelors degree in IT. I have been to the ranch twice and had a STPR session with James. My truck is 4wd if you want me to come now.

    1. Aloha Vincent, thank you so much for your offer of help! I was sick most of February so I’m just now catching up, thank you for your patience! I’m working on the volunteer requirements as soon as I finish updating this website. My intention is to put out a call for volunteers by March 15th. Do you get the ECETI newsletter? If so, you’ll receive the Volunteer ENewsletter when I finish it. If not, you can sign up for the newsletter here In Light, In Love, In Service, Ashli ECETI Crew

  6. Hello dear ECETI folks,
    Please may I go by an anonymous name of “Maria” on this page? Because I am from the nearby area.

    I’m still new to the whole Trout Lake ECETI Center/concept. (A dream come true for me–so very grateful.) But even so, I am trying to sign up for several healing modes.

    To sign up for Ashli’s work (I fit the criteria) but do not have PayPal at present. However a relative does.

    So just now (Feb 2, 2016–approx 3PM) I filled out the electronic form for Ashli, but did not push the PayPal button, because I need a relative’s help for that transaction.

    I’m slightly klutzy on computer things, but trying to learn fast.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Aloha “Maria” my deep apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I was quite sick most of February and am getting caught up now. We can set up a remote session with either paypal or a credit/debit card. As soon as you make the booking I’ll see it and we can set up a time. I am currently still in Maui, returning to ECETI in mid April. If you’re looking to do a remote session I can do it from Maui, I am available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (I work in a craft booth on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays). I look forward to supporting you on your journey of healing. Blessings and Heart Hugs, Ashli

  7. Hello, I would like an invitation to the June/July conference when you get things up and running again. I have great respect for what James does. I do the same in the form of reads, healings, remote viewing, channelings, ect. and would like the opportunity to to meet James and have a chance to see and feel what ECETI has to offer. Thank you!

    1. Aloha Christopher and great to hear from you. I’ll be posting the SkyWatch calendar of events later today and more information on the 2016 Conference will be up this coming week. Thanks for your interest in visiting ECETI, for all that you do and we look forward to welcoming you to the ranch when the time is right. Blessings, Ashli ECETI Crew

  8. I’d really like to hear you talk more about the states standing up, and also about the suggestion you made in one of your interviews about creating a people’s political group that would help restore our constitutional rights. Rather than create a new government from scratch I’d like to restore the great parts of our original one and tweak it so that it’s better easier to tweak when we need to–all guided by the people’s voice–true democracy. We have the Internet and the technology to accomodate this easily now.
    I’d like to see the USA be a true example of a social democracy. I’d like to see a world that works for all.

    1. Aloha Lynette and thank you for your post. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts on creating the new reality. James continues to discuss topics of interest from his audience and from the guidance he receives from Spirit. His philosophy is that we each need to be our own leaders, rather than looking outside of ourselves for someone to fix things. In the 5th Dimension the concept of “government” is non-existant. Councils advise and empower. James encourages all to look into their own life and see the areas where change may be required – am I empowered and do I empower others? Have I walked my own walk and healed the wounds I have within? Do I come from my authentic self and see the Divine in others while refusing to take on other’s wounds – am I lovingly detached and non-reactive. Great concepts to ponder as the new world continues to unfold. Be part of the change you wish to see. Mahalo Nui Loa, Ashli ECETI Crew

      1. Wow what a beautiful way to put that Ashli! Thank you for that really made my day!
        Especially ‘ Do I come from my authentic self and see the Divine in others while refusing to take on other’s wounds – am I lovingly detached and non-reactive. ‘ I’m going to be thinking about this all night at work.

        Looking forward to meeting you at the ambassador program in may! !
        Chad from Canada

  9. Hello my name is Joseph. I haven’t been to the Ranch yet and it wasn’t till Aug 2015 did I even hear of James Gilliland where I had a golden opportunity to see him do a presentation at Mount Shasta during the event that Rob Potter put together. I was very invigorated and thankful to have watched him and discover who he was. Since than I’ve done some research on the Ranch and the incredible things that take place there. I have been on my own personal spiritual work and growth since my initial awakening in 2005, ten years ago. Anyways I wanted to know how to get a private invitation to the Ranch to meet with James or anyone of the staff members that could help me do some of what you guys are calling “personal release sessions”. I don’t think I have much negative energy following me around but I it has become somewhat of an idea that I need assistance in some personal healing and balancing. I would be so thankful to get some help and I haven’t reached out to anyone for aid or guidance on my spiritual journey for mostly the family and friends I have aren’t necessarily aligned in the awakening process as I have been over the past ten years, so I’ve gotten probably too comfortable working on my own.
    So anywho, I wanted to know how to get an invitation to the first events that you guys are having at the Ranch in June of 2016 and if possible please could I get a private session with James for some personal healing.
    Thanks for listening and thank you for all the great light work you guys do on the Ranch and elsewhere for the spiritual healing and consciousness of our ascending planet!!

    1. Aloha Joseph and thank you for your patience in getting a reply. When you posted we were in the midst of closing the ranch for the winter and getting everything ready for the Caretakers who hold down the fort during the cold months…then James was off to Tokyo and Australia and Joseph & I headed to Maui where it took us a couple of weeks to get our winter home settled. So…. Thank you for sharing part of your journey. We undertand that you and many are going through ongoing waves of energy fluctuation, expansion, surrender and the unknown. As you can, find as much quiet time to go within and breath into your heart center. Find your stillness within and ask for guidance. The stillness is very crucial at this time of ongoing change! We are in the process of finalizing our 2016 calendar now. I’m holding intention to have it all up by January 1st – or at least as much as is ready to unveil at that time. I do know that James will be doing his Self Mastery course over Memorial Day weekend in May. To have a TransPersonalRelease session during the Self Mastery Course however you must either plan to come earlier or stay later as James does not do the TPRS sessions during the actual workshop dates (because he is holding so much energy during the workshop). If you receive James’s (the ranch’s) e-newsletter you will get the announcement when the calendar is up. If not, keep checking this website as the calendar will be updated as details are finalized. Blessings and Keep Shining, Ashli ECETI Crew

    1. Aloha James….great to here from you. Registration for the 2016 Conference is targeted to open about November 1st. Yes we welcome first time visitors to the Conference. Our rooms, however are filled by our presenters (we only have 10 rooms) but camping is available – bring your own gear. Blessings, Ashli ECETI Crew

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