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Let us know how we can be of service. Allow 3 days for response during the winter season when the ranch is closed
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25 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. How can we change our accomodations from eagle’s nest to camping? For Oct. 12-15th weekend? I have sent messages and haven’t got a response yet.
    Also how do we arrange this:
    During cold weather it is possible to camp in our main hall/AG Building where we have a wood stove. (All by reservation only).

    1. Aloha Ed – we no longer allow camping in the Conference Hall due to theft. Thank you for letting me know I need to update part of the website. Vicki has already shifted your booking from the Eagles Nest to camping. What do you wish to do now? I was getting ready to process the refund. Ashli

  2. Hello I was wondering for the people that are camping are able to use fire or do we have to use propane? Thanks -Christopher

    1. For camping/skywatch weekends (not event weekends when we have a caterer) it needs to be propane as we’re still in full fire ban up here. Blessings, Ashli

  3. I tried to email you, but the site wont accept my g mail for some reason. It looks like this Aug only 17-21 are available for skywatching? Or are there other nights available?

  4. Hi Ashli,

    I sent you a message on the form above but it didn’t come up on this page so going to send on this form too.

    Thank you very much for letting me know, I booked a ticket on Friday night for the whole 4 day certification course.

    On the booking page it never refreshed to say it was completed but I did get confirmation from Paypal and Eceti via email [though the money hasn’t left my account yet]. Could you please confirm if this successfully went through?!

    If so I am very much looking forward to returning and seeing you guys!

    Also, just to check are there no one to one sessions with Shannon like there was for Tashina with the self-mastery weekend?

    Thanks, hope you are well!!


    1. Aloha Lawrence, as per my email to you yes the funds came through. Thank you for your patience. As far as I know there are no one on ones with Shannon however I will ask her tomorrow and let you know. Huge Heart Hugs, Ashli

      1. Hi Ashli,

        Thank you for the confirmation. Looking forward to returning!

        Have you been able to speak to Shannon yet? No worries if not.

        Also, could you please let me know what the Light Language Activation session is about with John Bertoli [I don’t know who he is?} ?

        Thanks, hope you are guys are well.


          1. Ok I would like to register and pay for one of those for 1 hour if possible. I had a look on the registration page and could not find where to pay for this?

            I have just booked ECETI tents for camping and my meals.

          2. I’ll let Shannon know you would like the first available evening session with her. Heart Hugs, Ashli

  5. Dear Ashli,

    Hope you are good.

    I am not sure if you replied because I can’t find the page with all the previous comments anymore.

    I am hoping to come for the Theta Healing weekend, 10-13th August.

    At the moment on the page it says it is ‘in progress’. I just want to double check that it is not possible to register for this particular event right now? I appreciate there is a lot to be organising at the ranch right now regardless. I just don’t want to miss the boat if others are able to register for this via another means elsewhere. I have just signed up for the newsletter now too.

    Thank you for your time!


    1. Hi Lawrence…you are so sweet! The registration will be open by late Sunday. My sincere apologies for the delay. You did not miss out! I will email you just before I open it. Heart Hugs, Ashli

        1. Best laid plans of humans… If all goes to plan it will be this weekend. You have not missed out. Do you know what accommodation you would like and I can hold it for you? Heart Hugs

          1. Ok cool thank you for letting me know!

            I think I am going to camp this year out in the field!

            How is everything at the ranch since it all has started up again?

  6. i am trying to evaluate wether to attend michael tellinger’s event..must evaluate how to get there from either la or detroit..

    is this near witchita kansas or near witchita, milwaukee?

    please advise

    Andre Ewert

    1. Um, this particular event is in Trout Lake, Washington – we are 90 minutes away from Portland, Oregon airport. I’m not sure which event you might have been looking at on Michael’s website. you can look at if you’re looking for an event closer to you.

  7. Hello, I’m wondering when the registration for the New Moon Elders Gathering will open up. It states that it will open on March 25th, but today is the 28th. Unless I am missing something or it is a private invitation. I am new to the web-site so I may be looking at the calendar wrong. Lol. Hoping I get some feed-back, I would really love to go.

    1. Aloha Abbie and thanks for your post. You are not missing anything – it was with honest intention that all of those events were to be opened by March 25th however the Universe had other plans for priorities and overcoming some challenges. If you are on the ECETI newsletter list you will receive a notice when the events are open for registration. Hold space for me…I am doing the best I can to get it all done. Some help I thought I had turned out not to be help at all. I’m continuing to do the clearing and carry on. Heart Hugs, Ashli

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