ECETI Community Crew – Seasonal Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in being a seasonal Community Cew Member at ECETI.  We are continually expanding upon this program launched last year and in 2018 we are again opening up an invitation to our community to express your interest in rolling up your shirt sleeves, getting your hands dirty and seeing what it takes to keep ECETI operational and in service to our mission.

The mission of ECETI is to provide a sanctuary of higher learning where individuals experience Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence and connect with the Divine within:  by accepting Personal Responsibility,  daily practice of your Self Mastery, raising your frequency, and reclaiming your Spiritual Empowerment.

As James Gilliland wrote in his 3.26.17 e-newsletter:

You cannot pass the barrier into the 5th dimension unless you have an open mind, loving heart and pure intent. This is also the prerequisite for contact with the Spiritually and Technologically advanced Off Worlders, Ascended Masters and those advanced beings within the Inner Earth.

What if you become love, joy, find total acceptance and appreciation within? What would happen to seeking, leaking your energy like a battery, how self empowering would that be – to go within and find yourself? The true self – not the social programmed self.  You would be free, you will look around you and ask do I really need all this stuff?

Do I want to surround myself with what now feel to be zombies? Do I really want to be part of this herd and is this herd sustainable? Am I frequency specific to my surroundings or do I need to make a change? Am I being supported and fed spiritually?

Then, sadly, most will wake up in the morning, go to their cubicles and fall right back into the herd of zombie consumers.

Yet some will not…..

Those are the ones we are looking for.

ECETI is a bridge between current 3D and the new 5D reality we are creating by raising our frequencies.  In this regard, we differentiate between those community members who wish to volunteer in exchange for a workshop or event (see Work/Trade Self Mastery Workshop for an example) and those who wish to stay longer at ECETI in the role of a short term or seasonal Community Crew Member.

Being a Community Crew Member means that you are part of the core unit that keeps the chickens fed, the bathrooms and guest rooms clean, the gardens weeded and watered, the team fed, our Guests registered and feeling welcomed, our facilities in repair, the operational logistics in order, our sound system working, our YouTube channel updated, our Crew fed and much more. Community Crew Members are the life blood of the ranch and in return receive the benefits of experiencing living on the vortex and expanding in Self Mastery.

In 2018 we are trialing three waves for Community Crew Members:
Wave #1 April 5th – July 15th (includes annual conference)
Wave #2 June 5th – September 17th (includes annual conference)
Wave #3 August 2nd – November 20th (includes SoulTech conference)

In addition, for those who truly wish to be a part of ECETI for the entire season there will be an opportunity to expand from a Wave to the entire season depending on mutual frequency compatibility.

Member roles to both entire Seasonal opportunities and Short Term (weeks, month or months) opportunities.

We suggest that you watch this excerpt from the ECETI 2017 Road Show to understand more about what it means to be an ECETI 2017 Community Member.  If after watching this video you are interested in telling us more about yourself and being considered for a short term or seasonal Community Member role, please complete the Get To Know Me survey here.

Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence