If you’re a first time visitor to the Ranch, or haven’t visited in awhile, you’ll want to take a look at the FAQ document we’ve created based on the common questions we get asked.  Click on the link to open up the file.



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  1. We’re coming from N. of Seattle. Do you know where we might be able to rent or buy some night vision glasses? (since you only have 1 pair to share;-))
    We can’t really see everything in the sky during sky watch without night vision glasses, right?

    1. Aloha….it depends on your eyes – many of the craft are visible with the naked eye depending on your vision. I do not know where you can purchase or buy last minute, I’m sorry. When are you coming?

    1. We don’t do microwave – they are very unhealthy. We provide organic breakfast for purchase during SkyWatch weekends. You can bring a cooler and camp stove for other meals during SkyWatch weekends. Organic Breakfast Lunch and Dinner for purchase during workshop and sustainability weekends – no outside food during workshop/event weekends as we have an exclusive agreement with an organic caterer. When you register you receive the directions on your confirmation email. Blessings, Ashli

    1. Aloha – this weekend we are only open for those registered for the Ambassador Training workshop. If you are not attending the workshop then please come up the weekend of September 14th – 17th which is our next SkyWatch weekend (register here) and there won’t be a charge for your 4 year old. Blessings!

  2. Since the workshop on the first weekend of November has been cancelled we would like to reserve Eagle’s Nest on Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th for sky watching.
    Thanks Viana

    1. The workshop the first weekend of November has not been cancelled. Please look at either October 26-29 or November 9-12 SkyWatch Weekends. Blessings

    1. Lisa – the best reference we’ve had for dog sitting is in The Dalles which is about a 40 minute drive each way. It is in a home, not a “kennel”. We’ve gotten great feedback from other guests. Phone number is 541-403-2699 Cindy. Rate is $20 sleepover. Blessings!

    1. We will have ice for our sun tea and water on our by donation beverage station. Ice for coolers is available 2 miles up the road at the gas station or at the country store. Blessings!

  3. Aloha Ashli-
    My friend and I are looking forward to visiting ECETI sacred grounds for the first time. We are outside of Olympia.
    I’ve emailed tis past week -read the FAQ’s x2, looked over all the drop down links. I thought it might be better to ask here as I still don’t have an answer to one tiny question, which will help me to prepare for a tent/trip there in July.
    BEFORE I make reservations, it would be helpful to know (and for other campers too probably), if there are special hot water taps so that my partner and I can make the coffee we will bring with us for the morning. We prefer to juice or eat light most mornings.
    I’ve seen them and used them at RSE (in Yelm) as I’ve camped there for yours. It is helpful to know. I don’t imagine you have a coffee booth do you? Perhaps that is an alternative if there are no hot water taps.
    Thanking you in advance and sending you warm wishes and blessings ♥

    1. Aloha “R” – I did respond to an email you sent that yes, we do have a coffee station (With organic coffee and organic teas,, organic sweeteners and organic half and half and dairy substitutes) by donation in the conference hall that includes a hot water kettle. Blessings, Ashli

    1. Aloha Ananda – it was lovely to talk to you on the phone. We do have handicapped parking and toilets and we have grassy areas and pebbled walkways – not cement. As we chatted about, with your situation we can accommodate you. For others reading this post, please do call us so we can chat about your needs and we will share if our facilities will be gentle for you. Heart Hugs, Ashli

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