2017 SkyWatch & Camping Weekends


2017 is lining up to be a year of great change.  As important as we know it is to get our calendar up as soon as possible so that our community can make advance travel plans we also stay very aligned with the flow of Creator.  Therefore, understand that ECETI reserves the right to adjust the Calendar based on guidance from Creator and the flow of what is happening in the world.  We highly recommend that anyone traveling from longer distances purchases travel insurance if they have any concerns.  Mahalo.

Registration for Camping and SkyWatch weekends is now open. Registration for event weekends will open on a rolling basis between now and when we open in May.  We will announce updates on event registration openings on the ECETI Enewsletter

Casual Camping or Cabin Rental and SkyWatch Weekends – these are casual weekends where you can arrive as early as Thursday and depart as late as Monday morning.  You can make a reservation to come stay for one or more nights, either camp with your own equipment or rent a room (space available and linen provided) and enjoy evening SkyWatch.  (please click here for description of different accommodation types)

Organic Breakfast are available for advance purchase during these casual weekends.   For lunch and dinner you can either bring your own picnic food or eat locally.  (Note:  We also do SkyWatch during our weekend workshops but those are exclusive for attendees of the Workshops and not open for casual SkyWatch)

When James is in town he hosts SkyWatch Friday & Saturday nights. SkyWatch starts about 30 minutes after sunset.  ECETI Crew host SkyWatch for in-house guests on Thursday & Sunday nights.  When James is out of town other ECETI Crew host the Friday & Saturday SkyWatch. Daytimes are at your leisure to enjoy the land or the local area or to join the activities listed below.

With an advance reservation you can also enjoy SkyWatch without staying at ECETI on Friday and Saturday nights only.  Your SkyWatch only donation also includes attending any of the events listed below on the days you will be SkyWatching (such as movies or meditations).

Weekend activities available during SkyWatch weekends:

  • Check in as early as 3pm on Thursdays,  check out by 12noon on Mondays. (visit for one to four nights)
  • Orientation Tour of the ranch for first time visitors
  • Time at leisure to meditate in Pleidian Circle, on Lemurian Mound or to walk the Field of Dreams or the Galactic Medicine Wheel
  • Audio Visual Presentations:
    • Thursday 7pm – 8:30pm   A Conversation With James Gilliland
    • Friday 7pm -8:30pm  They’re Here, Get Over It (short) and Contact Has Begun
    • Saturday – 10am – 11:30am Annunaki Return
  • Organic Breakfasts  Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday  mornings.  (additional cost, must be prebooked) 8:00am – 9:00am
  • Walking Meditation in Galactic Medicine Wheel with Ashli  Saturday and Sunday at 9am – 10:30am
  • Meditation with Ashli on Friday and Saturday. 4:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Purifying your Body, Mind and Spirit presentation by Joseph on Saturday. 4pm – 5:30pm
  • As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland on Saturday night 8pm – 9pm (show is played for guests to listen to, it’s not viewing broadcast)
  • Meet your Star Family Meditation with James Gilliland on Saturday Night. 9:15pm – 9:45pm (subject to change)
  • Transpersonal Release Healing Sessions on Friday, Saturday or Sunday with James. (30 to 45 minute sessions)
  • Quantam Shamanic Alchemy Healing sessions with Joseph on Saturday or Sunday (30 minute sessions)
  • Spiritual Counselling with Ashli on Saturday or Sunday ( 1 hour sessions)
  • Bodywork with Jay (when he is in town, 60 or 90 minutes)
  • SkyWatching nightly (weather permitting) with James Gilliland on Friday and Saturday nights and also Thursday and Sunday nights for in house guests hosted by ECETI Crew Members.
2017 SkyWatch Weekends


ECETI prepares to open for summer season – Volunteer Camping & SkyWatch Opportunities in April. Registration for these Volunteer Weekends is now open.


30 March – 03 April – Volunteer Weekend only, click here to register

06-10 April  Full Moon – Note, James is gone Saturday & Sunday but we can still use help! click here to register

13-17 April Easter is April 16th, we will  have brunch for Volunteers click here to register for this volunteer weekend

20-24 April Volunteer Weekend – click here to register

27-30 April  New Moon – Volunteer Weekend – click here to register


11-14  May    Camping & SkyWatch Weekend – make reservation here 

18-21 May   ECETI Off the Grid – Special SkyWatch Weekend with Presentations 
James Gilliland Speaking at Contact in the Desert this weekend
Click here for more information
Click here to register


01-04 June       Camping and Skywatch  – make reservation here

15-18 June       Camping and Skywatch  – make reservation here

22-25 June     New Moon Camping and Skywatch  
make reservation here



more information on Young  Masters weekend here


20-23 July   NEW MOON CAMPING & SKYWATCH  – JAMES BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! – make reservation here

27-30 July   CAMPING & SKYWATCH – make reservation here


make reservation here
purchase meals here 


24-27 August  GROUND ZERO LISTENER Trip with
Clyde Lewis CAMPING & SKYWATCH WEEKEND– make reservation here 



14-17 September Camping and Skywatchmake reservation here

28 Sept-01 Oct  Camping and Skywatch – make reservation here


05 -08  October    Camping and Skywatch make reservation here

12-15 October    Camping and Skywatchmake reservation here

26-29 October    Camping and Skywatchmake reservation here


02 – 05 November  Camping and Skywatch – make reservation here

09- 12 November 11:11 – Camping and Skywatch make reservation here

16 – 19 November SPECIAL VOLUNTEER WEEKEND – Camping and Skywatch make reservation here





Thank you for your support of ECETI.
Enjoy the holidays with your family.

ECETI reopens in May 2018
Volunteer positions available starting April 2018

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