Ride Share – Self Mastery and Making Contact

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Please use the following format for posting:


Date: (ie) Thursday May 25th/Monday May 29th

Seats Available or Needed:  2 seats available

Location:  Portland International Airport (or Bend or Hood River)

Time:  1:00pm flight arrives on Thursday, 2pm flight departs on Monday

Name:  Your Name Here

Contact:  Your preference phone or email

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4 thoughts on “Ride Share – Self Mastery and Making Contact”

  1. Ride Needed – One seat
    Alaska Airlines, round-trip, economy, 1 adult
    Thu 5/25 Arrives 10:50a Flight 3457
    Depart Tue 5/30: PDX > BUR 6:02p – 8:20p Flight 3488
    Oops – Might have to get a room on Monday
    Christine Barclay 928-325-0315 or Sales [at] ISCglobal [dot] com
    PS – Since I goofed up on my dates – and I have never been to Portland – maybe my ride would like to do some site seeing on Monday/Tuesday. Hugs

    1. Aloha Christine, great to see you registered for the Self Mastery workshop. It is early days yet, so be patient – our ride share forum always ends up working out. I’ve amended your one post to include your PS. Heart Hugs, Ashli

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