Road Show Presentation of ECETI 2017 Calendar & Volunteer Opportunities


Aloha!  Thank you to everyone who attended one of our Road Show presentations or webinar.  It’s been so much fun meeting all of you and  presenting the ECETI 2017 Calendar and Volunteer Opportunities.  We’ve got one more Road Show left, in Seattle on May 21st.   The Seattle location is filling up fast

You can now check out the Road Show presentation on our youtube channel!


What is covered:

  • An Introduction to ECETI for newbies including UFO Footage
  • Remote Healing Options from ECETI
  • 2017 ECETI Event Calendar – what’s happening at ECETI
  • Volunteer (energy exchange) for event weekends
  • Information on being a monthly or seasonal Community Member at ECETI

Our Road Show included stops in:

Scottsdale, Arizona – finished
Palm Desert, California – finished
Mount Shasta, California – finished

Eugene, Oregon – finished
Portland, Oregon – finished
Webinar – finished

Seattle, Washington – Sunday May 21st  1pm – 4pm Broadview Meeting Room in Broadview Library 12755 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133   Admission is free, registration is required. (Organized by SUFON – 30 seats available for registration through ECETI – filling up fast!).

ECETI prepares to open for summer season and there are Volunteer Camping & SkyWatch Opportunities in April. Registration for these Volunteer Weekends is now open.


30 March – 03 April – Volunteer Weekend only, click here to register

06-10 April  Full Moon – UPDATE:  James will now be here all weekend!  click here to register

13-17 April Easter is April 16th, we will  have brunch for Volunteers click here to register for this volunteer weekend

20-24 April Volunteer Weekend – click here to register

27-30 April  New Moon – Volunteer Weekend – click here to register

Work/Trade Opportunities for Event Weekends

There are also Work/Trade options for Workshop weekends (see Self Mastery Workshop for example) and our Conference as well as Monthly and Seasonal Community Member places.  More information coming soon.

Short Term and Seasonal Community Member Opportunities

Click here for information on being a short term or seasonal community member at ECETI

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