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What makes the ECETI Conference different?  First, we’re at the base of Mt. Adams, a known UFO hotspot.  Secondly, here in nature away from the city, things are quieter – which facilitates inner multi-dimensional contact as well as powerful sightings of craft. Third – as our conference is more intimate (maximum capacity 400 people) there is time for personal connections and interactions with our presenters.  Soul Family reunions and reconnections are very common every year!

Most importantly, we at ECETI understand that each individual who attends our Conference is a Master in their own right – just at various states of remembering.  So in 2018 we continue our mission to ensure our event is not only educational for the mind but more importantly expansive for your heart and your multi-dimensional consciousness.  That’s why our theme this year is “Expanding Into Your Mastery”.

Each of our presenters have been invited to go beyond simply standing on a stage talking at you with a powerpoint presentation. We have invited presenters who are willing to break new ground – to spend no more than 75% of their presentation sharing information via powerpoint (mind consciousness) while devoting the remainder of their time engaging you in meditations, intention setting, reflections, activations or practicing skills that you will be able to fine tune throughout the weekend AND continue to incorporate into your daily life when you go back home.   

So, if you are ready to step into your Self Mastery and be among others who are ready to do the same, join us for this powerful gathering of Light Beings as we create the change we wish to see in the world!

The conference will take place Wednesday July 4th  through Saturday July 7th with optional workshops by Speakers on Sunday July 8th

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Aloha Everyone!

We normally do not offer Day Passes to our event as we have limited seating.  We will make the decision in June if we are going to offer Day Passes for 2018. 

If  we offer last minute Conference Day Passes for those of you who are able to come only for one day note that Day Pass admission are not eligible for Work/Trade Exchange.  For those of you who want to spend as much time as possible at ECETI and experience all of the Presenters and Soul Family Reunion, register for Full Conference.

Here’s how the Day Pass works:
1. Register online for the Day Pass of your choice  (Wednesday or Thursday or Friday or Saturday).
2. You may arrive the morning of your Day Pass or as early as 6pm the night before

Arrive no earlier than 6pm Tuesday night for Wednesday Day Pass 
Arrive no earlier than 6pm Wednesday night for Thursday Day Pass
Arrive no earlier than 6pm Thursday night for Friday  Day Pass
Arrive no earlier than 6pm Friday night for Saturday Day Pass

3. Your Day Pass will expire 9am the morning after your Day Pass
4. Day Passes will be color coded and do not include camping or meals.
5. If your Day Pass is for Wednesday you can prepay for camping  Tuesday night and Wednesday night
Thursday Day Pass prepay camping Wednesday & Thursday nights
Friday Day Pass prepay camping Thursday & Friday nights
Saturday Day Pass prepay camping Friday & Saturday nights
6. You can still buy meals for the days you will be here using this link

Again, if you are camping at ECETI you can arrive between 6pm and 9pm the night before your Day Pass and leave by 9am the day after your Day Pass. This allows you to arrive and set up camp and stay through SkyWatch the night of your Day Pass. We really appreciate your assistance in adhering to the energy exchange agreement of the day pass concept so we don’t need to “police” it (but we will if we have to)

Call us on 509-395-2092 if you have any questions.

Heart Hugs

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11 thoughts on “ECETI 2018 CONFERENCE”

  1. Aloha!! Will see Ashli 2/19/18 in Scottsdale. Looking forward to the conference in July. Whoever did the graphics for the conf poster—-FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! MJOref

  2. I would like to register for the full conference package when it becomes open so please let me know. Thank you very much, Vicki

      1. Aloha,
        I would like to do work exchange. If I come a day or two early for the mandatory training, do I need to pay extra for those extra camping nights during the mandatory training? Also, can a friend come and we have two tents in our campsite and pay $30?

        1. Aloha. Short and sweet response – getting ready for teleconference. It is $30 per tent. it is not per “campsite”. Your friend may come if s/he is registered for the conference. Only registered attendees are here during our events. The camping nights for training are part of the work exchange so it would be 2 hours to cover camping for that night. Heart Hugs, Ashli

          1. So does the four hours for a mandatory training count as part of the work exchange hours that goes towards camping?

  3. I am planning on attending the conference on Friday and most of Saturday. My flight arrives in Portland at 5:22pm on Thursday evening so I’m cutting it very close to getting bag and car in time for 8pm registration. I will be pre registering as soon as I know what to do. I will be reserving a tent for either 1 or 2 nights. If I am not allowed to stay in a tent on Thursday night then I will stay nearby and come on Friday at 10am . My question is should I make arrangements off ranch property for Thursday night since I am guessing I will be missing the 8 pm cutoff time. I’d like to register asap. Thank you! I am so excited to come .

    1. Hi Adele…thank you so much for being in touch…we look forward to welcoming you to ECETI for the Conference! If you come directly from the airport to the ranch you’ll be able to be here by 9pm and if you’re renting one of our setup tents you’ll be okay. If you think it will be any later than 9pm then yes you will need to get a hotel room. You should be fine to get here between 8pm and 9pm. If you think worrying about that will cause you stress or if you need to make stops en route between the airport and here for supplies, then yes please make a motel booking for the night before. When you get here you’ll understand why we have the cut off…. Cheers! Ashli

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