Erica Lukes

It is time for us to put aside the old school way of addressing research. We can no longer wait for a single case or the smoking gun to finally prove to the world we are dealing with another intelligence.  
We have that, it is in the data. It is also imperative that we  address the lack of willingness by researchers and organizations to share vital data
Erica Lukes

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Erica Lukes Lecture

Erica Lukes’ passion for the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects dates back to her early childhood.  After a series of personal UFO sightings in 2013, she felt compelled to find out what was taking place in her home state of Utah and joined MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

With natural skills in the field of Ufology, Erica quickly went from being a MUFON Field Investigator to the Utah State Director for MUFON and continued to grow with that organization.  Erica was the lead investigator on the American Airlines 434 pilot reporting UFO case over Nephi, Utah on January 14, 2016. This case was on MUFON’s top 10 cases of the year and received international attention because of the gravity of radar and audio data obtained from the FAA.

Both Utah’s famous Skinwalker Ranch and its surrounding areas have held a strong, and lasting, interest for Erica. She has collected decades’ worth of case reports from this area, and particularly so with regards to mass sightings of UFOs, as well as mysterious mutilations of animals, and alien abductions.

Today, she serves as the Communications Director for the International Association of UAP Researchers, she’s the head of UNEXPLAINED UTAH, an organization which is focused upon scientifically researching UAP – otherwise known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – and she hosts her own radio shows on Friday nights called UFO Classified.


The Dangers and Dysfunction in Our Community

Erica Lukes will share personal experiences about her time in the field of “UFOlogy” documenting sightings and researching activity.

She will also speak about the valuable lessons she has learned about disinformation, sexism and bullying in the field.


Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence