Hollis Polk

“Everyone has some intuitive, or psychic, abilities. It is normal to get “psychic information” beyond what you can perceive through your five senses. That information is always available to everyone. But few people pay attention to it.

Allow it, practice it, get feedback.

Research shows that anything you do regularly creates neural pathways in your brain, and then you automatically run down those paths. A good analogy is lots of people walking between the same two buildings across a grassy field will literally create a dirt pathway, which new people then follow. 

So the more you practice using your psychic abilities, the more natural — and automatic — they’ll become to you.” 

Hollis Polk


I was a pretty “normal” child. A little precocious intellectually, but on the whole an ordinary kid. After I gave up walking on stilts & figure skating, I embarked on 18 years of training in the world of rational thought.

I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Princeton and an MBA from Harvard and did very well in my business career.  I put my analytical skills to work every day puzzling through complicated problems.  But I knew there was more than rational thought.

I tuned into my psychic abilities and learned how to use them more effectively.  I developed my clairvoyance and clairaudience . I’ve read widely across the spectrum of philosophy, healing, personality, addiction, spirituality, and alternative paths.   I learned NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) to help understand and work with my clients to help them make the changes they want, quickly and permanently, and create lives they love.

As  a trained hypnotherapist I am very aware of when my clients (over the phone, in the middle of a psychic reading) are in a light hypnotic trance, and understand that means they are very open. I’m careful not to ‘program’ them.  I have ‘fixed’ a number of dangerous psychic readings from other psychics, often years later, when the client is in a lot of emotional pain.

Now I offer intuition development classes in person and telephone intuition development classes.



“Have fun improving your intuitive/psychic skills!

You’ll learn a few very useful beliefs about psychic abilities, and then have your own experiences.

There will be time to share about them, so you can learn from other participants, as well as Hollis.”



During this 2 hour interactive workshop Hollis teaches you how to get into the right state for regular communication with your ET friend.

She will also lead you in a guided meditation to make initial
conscious contact.

Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence