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John Bertoli



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Lecture: Ancient Light Language

John Bertoli is a Light Language Activator and psychic intuitive.  Born with higher awareness, he struggled most of his life to understand – and finally accept – his many metaphysical aspects.  His unstoppable drive and insatiable thirst for truth has brought him down many roads of personal discovery, completely resolved to answer his most profound long questions.

Among his many discoveries was unlocking the higher ability to speak Light Language, an ancient metaphysical form of communication and energy exchange.  This presentation dives deeply into the origins, uses and vast implications and importance of Light Language during this great shift in consciousness.

Light Language in its simplest form is energy vibrating in a multitude of variations.  It can be expressed through spoken word; it can be expressed in the from of song or dance or even art which is physical vibration.

The benefits of Light Language vary greatly from person to person – some may use it to amplify and accelerate healing both psychically and physically.  Some may activate dormant Light Language in others or use it to access higher parts of their consciousness instantaneously.  Light Language is an inherit ability in all of us.  To unlock it simply requires the desire and belief.  Bypassing ego and intellect these beautiful expressions speak directly to and from the Heart.

Let the Light be Heard!




Workshop:  Awakening Light Language Within


During this two hour workshop John assists participants in finding their own inner voice and allowing the Light Language inside them to awaken.  After an introduction and explanation of the importance of clearing space John will gently support each participant with a Light Language Activation and then hold space for the Light Language to flow forth.

Workshop Tuesday July 4th
4:00pm – 6:00pm
$33 per person

Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence