Hug the Ones You Love & update on conference registration

Aloha All.. Ashli here.  I appreciate your patience as I get the website up and running.  I need to fly to Chicago today to support my 85 year young Mom through her transition out of this lifetime.  It’s an honor to do so.  So, with these new family developments this past week I did get behind in finishing the registration.  I’ll be working on it from Chicago where I am my amazing 2 brothers and 2 sisters will take turns being at my Mom’s side.  Maybe it was meant to launch on the Equinox all along!  Thanks again for understanding and if you have any urgent concerns please email me at eceti2015 (at) gmail (dot) com

Keep Shining

Photo of sunset at Mt Adams courtesy of DR DREAM
He and Laura Eisenhower return to ECETI in August 2015


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