2018 Community Crew Member Roles

Seasonal Community Crew Roles

Applications open March 1st


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Intro || Seasonal Community Crew Roles
Thank you for your interest in being a seasonal Community Crew Member at ECETI!

Being a Community Crew Member means that you are part of the core unit that keeps the animals fed, the bathrooms and guest rooms clean, our Guests registered and feeling welcomed, our facilities in repair, the operational logistics in order, our sound system working, our YouTube channel updated, the gardens weeded and watered, the goats milked,  the garbage taken to the dump, SkyWatch staffed, our Crew fed and much more.

Our Crew Members understand they are part of a Community and therefore are willing to work cohesively to get what needs to get done completed.  Crew are not defined or limited by their primary role, rather are willing and happy to support fellow Crew Members when needed.  Crew will receive orientation in all roles to understand what it takes to keep ECETI functioning and will be cross trained in one additional specific role as backup.

Our Crew Members are not “clock watchers” – we understand the importance of ensuring our tasks are completed while creating balance with time to rest and reflect.  Most importantly we understand that every breath, interaction and task is part of our initiation and growth.

Operations Assistant

This individual works directly with Ashli, ECETI’s General Manager in the important role of Operations and Logistics – the “big picture” of ECETI so to speak.

Role includes, but is not limited to, promotion, communication, interaction with presenters prior to their arrival at ECETI, marketing, updating the ECETI database, newsletters, coordinating with ECETI Ambassadors around the planet, coordinating with other ECETI Crew, coordinating healing sessions, supporting presenters during events, financial reconciliations and administrative duties.

Strong computer skills are a must for this role including email, word and spreadsheets.  Powerpoint knowledge a plus.  Inherent ability to “problem solve” and “critical thinking” are also important.  Openness and ability to easily pick up new processes and procedures a bonus.


This role has the responsibility for the maintenance of the ECETI facilities including general repairs and upkeep.  This is the handyman or handy woman of ECETI.

Tasks include organizing and maintaining organization of Tool Shed, lawn mowing, weed wacking, fence repair, weekly reset of Gate Code, dump runs (including proper sorting of trash), propane and firewood ordering and management, building and equipment repair (or overseeing) and trouble shooting and more.

Construction skills a definite plus.  Electrical and plumbing skills a bonus!

Guest Relations

This role assists Vicky, the Registration Ambassador, with all tasks required for supporting our Guests during their various interactions with ECETI from initial inquiry to booking a reservation and their arrival and check-in.  This also includes assisting with preparing  event information for Crew to review at weekly meeting. (room lists, arrival dates, etc)

Guest Relations assist with answering phone and guests’ questions, preparing registration documentation for check-in and staffing the Registration Desk for one 4 hour shift daily throughout the weekend.  This individual has some computer skills and ability to answer guest questions about ECETI and upcoming events.

This individual is also responsible for upkeep of the Coffee and Tea Station during weekends.


First impressions are important, and the vital role of Housekeeper has an important impact when Guests arrive at ECETI.

This role is responsible for cleaning the 10 Guest Rooms and yurts, restocking with kindling when weather requires, cleaning the public areas, cleaning common areas in Bridge House, laundry management of guest linens and towels, and turning over rooms when required during weekends.  This individual is also responsible for straightening SkyWatch field each morning and managing  cleaning supplies.

During weekends this individual is responsible for managing cleanliness of the Campers’ Bathrooms.  Doing these tasks with loving intention assist in honoring the frequency of the StarGate.



Keeping James and the Crew nourished is an important role at ECETI.  During workshops and conferences we have a caterer, but during the camping/skywatch weekends our Crew Cook is responsible for preparing breakfast and dinner 5 days a week, managing food inventory, coordinating with the ECETI farmers on what produce is fresh and ready to use.  Cook needs to be able to cook both omnivore and vegetarian meals.  Being on time and holding a frequency that infuses the food with light is important.  Gourmet cooking is not a requirement, however we do  strive to be 100% organic and  as healthy as we can.

The Crew Cook also prepares breakfast for guests on camping/skywatch weekends with additional support from other Crew.  During workshop weekends the Crew Cook assists the Caterer as a Sous Chef.


We have roles for “Lead Farmer” and Woofers this year.

The Lead Farmer works with Vicky, the Head Farmer, in scheduling and overseeing land preparation, weeding, watering, weeding (much weeding) and harvesting of vegetable and fruit gardens on the ranch.  The Lead Farmer also communicates with the Crew  Cook on what is ready for harvest.

Maintenance of  ornamental landscaped gardens are also part of this responsibility.  This is both a supervisory role and a “hands in the dirt” role.

Woofers work on the Lead Farmer’s team and follow their direction for land preparation, weeding, watering, harvesting and animal care.  Animal care includes chickens, dogs, cats, goats and sheep – feeding, watering, maintaining facilities and milking goats.

Media/Audio Visual

Getting the ECETI message out is an important role at the ranch.  This individual has the responsibility of maintaining all audio visual and sound equipment, including filming and sound mixing during events.  This role also includes setup and maintenance of Conference Hall for movie nights and events.

Knowledge of or quick ability to learn iMovie editing, uploading, duplicating and managing of footage not limited to ECETI SkyWatch  and James’ video newsletter and As You Wish Talk Radio Show.

Upload to and manage ECETI You Tube Channel.  Coordinate with Operations Assistant when new footage uploaded and ready to be promoted.  Harmonious communication and synergy with General Manager and Social Media team is also a part of this role.



Social Media/Graphic Design

Supporting the Media and Operations Team, this role is an add-on to another role (not a full time role).

This individual is savvy in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest media and enjoys using these forums to spread the message of ECETI.

Ability to create graphics for As You Wish Talk Radio, for the various events, for DVD covers and other promotional flyers is also a benefit.  Computer graphics skills required.


This individual is responsible for inventory management and staffing the Bookstore during scheduled hours.  It also includes processing orders from ECETI website and bringing them to the Post Office.

Responsible for cleanliness of bookstore including dusting and organizing.  Ability to keep track of what items need to be reordered and present requests in a timely fashion to maintain consistent inventory.

Requires strong organizational abilities, ability to reconcile bank, manage Square Database and good customer relations skills.

This role is not a full time role and the person who takes on this task will assist in other areas as well.

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