Astrological Reading by Allison



About Allison

Allison has had an interest in astrology since adolescence. She believes her intuitive nature and psychic abilities derive from the water element dictating her own natal chart. She believes Astrology to be a tool, a means to understanding all aspects of the self. This is an important area of healing, because it teaches us ways we can transcend our galactic makeup and overcome the negative aspects of self while utilizing the positivity within our chart to achieve our desires and heal others. 

About the Reading

You need to know your birth date, time and location. Allison will use this information to create a 15 – 20 page synopsis of your personal astrological chart, including a drawing of the chart and a description of how each planetary position affects you specifically. Allison carefully constructs this reading by applying all individual traits of your chart and deciphering how they correspond with each other in order to deliver your astrological make up. Please allow 2 weeks for email delivery of your personal astrological booklet. 


Email/Call/Text to Order a Report

Please Include Name, Birthdate, Time, and Location

Each Astrological Booklet costs $100.