Micheila Sheldon


Bridging Realities | Moving Through Planetary Change

Now more than ever, Lightworkers on the planet are being called to bridge the gap between the 3rd and the 5th dimensions. Many of the timelines we have created from our careers, relationships and the way we earn money to our identities and beliefs have been formed in an old grid energy. This old grid was manifested through our collective focus on service to self, physical material, singularity and lack.


However, a new, multi-dimensional grid is now available on our planet. This new grid operates as a direct pathway to Source and is connected to universal support. It has the potential to affect all areas of your life, allowing you to step into your signature imprint, expressing your unique offering to the collective while receiving support and abundance to live a happier and more fulfilled life.


Transitioning during this turbulent time can be challenging as you uncover your soul’s plan to work in harmony with new, collectively-based energies of the planet.  Ethann and Micheila blend their teachings in this 2 hour interaction designed to vibrationally and physically transition your timelines to live in alignment with your planetary purpose. This experience includes mix of lectures, trance channeling, energy transfers, guided meditations and activations, as well as the opportunity to interact directly with Micheila, Ethann and a variety of loving Guides, Master Teachers and Collectives who are here to assist humanity’s ascension.

About Micheila

Micheila Sheldan is an Intuitive Channel who has open connection to a variety of Guides, Master Teachers, Interdimensional Beings and Collectives, including Mary Magdalene, the Pleiadians and the Council of Light. Micheila channels detailed information about our history, structure, ascension and transition to a fifth dimensional consciousness. Her awakening came during a struggle with debilitating chronic pain. Through her connection to Source and her Guides, Micheila completely healed herself, leaving her mainstream life behind to fully pursue her soul’s purpose as a channel. Her mission is to inspire others to fearlessly live their soul’s higher purpose and to support Lightworkers through a very transitional time in our planet’s history. Micheila also believes she incarnated here in this time as a conduit for Lightworkers to identify and activate their collective assignment or signature imprint. She is able to transmit light coded frequencies and vibrational healings as a vessel for crystalline light through channeled messages and activations. She is currently channeling a book that explains the history behind human creation, the influence of the Reptilian race on our planet and how we will heal and rebirth our collective reality. Micheila is the Executive Director of the Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution, a volunteer organization focused on raising the consciousness of the planet. In this position, Micheila works with volunteers on a variety of projects ranging from conscious action initiatives and youth programs to the organization’s international expo and magazine. She is also the mother of two very gifted teenage daughters.

About the Lecture


Channeling is all about making a connection that will open your heart, mind and soul to seeing the world in a new way. Messages from Angel Guides and Multidimensional Beings are a pathway to raising consciousness, resulting in a better understanding of our collective world and how to best navigate the changes and challenges we are currently facing.

Channeling is an energy match process. Micheila enters a trance state and is raising her energy. A Guide will perceive that energy and begin matching frequencies. Guides make contact with a channel’s soul and then information flows into consciousness. So, Guides are using Micheila’s body, voice, hands and eyes to translate messages. There is direct interaction and communication between the Guide present and the client or audience, and messages are translated in words and concepts that are available and familiar to Micheila.

Channeled messages from your Guides are not designed to take away your suffering or struggle.  Having a channeled session does not mean everything will come simply, that you can relax and do nothing, or that all your problems will be solved. You will still be responsible for making decisions, and taking inspired action. You will receive this inspiration from your Guides.

High level Guides will encourage you to make your own free will choice, rather than giving a definitive yes or no answer or asking you to blindly follow what they tell you to do. Guides are here to provide the insights and wisdom we need to support our decision making process. So, you will find that if you are plagued by a difficult relationship, for example, a high level Guide may tell you why this relationship is showing up in your life, the karmic lessons you must learn and how to approach decisions from a place of integrity. But they will rarely say you must leave the relationship or whether this partner will leave you. They want us to use their advice to uplift ourselves and become even more self-sufficient, rather than blindly follow what they say without questioning.

Channeled messages from high-level Guides will expand your view of your world, bringing greater meaning to the situations, experiences, challenges and relationships you find yourself in. They will help you to better trust and rely on your inner guidance, love yourself more and clarify your life path. You will find that many of the answers you needed, are ones that your Higher Self already knew, and are confirmed by communication with your Guides in a loving, touching and intimate experience.