A Vedic Tour of the Universe with Sean Cannon

About SEAN

Sean Cannon has been a portrait artist and muralist and for the past 11 years. He is a practitioner of bhakti yoga.  Sean believes our true destiny is to become more consciously evolved as our souls are permanent, imperishable and unmeasurable- unbound by the material creation.

Sean gives an in-depth and deeply personal narrative of the ancient Vedas and explains the connection between the spiritual world-cosmos, along with the astral realms, the billions of demi-Gods and the yoga-mind-body consciousness.  Ultimately, he explains why the human form is the most highly desired form in all of the known universes. The attendee is also given an exclusive package containing everything that was covered in the session, including ancient powerful maha mantras, PDFs of diagrams and visual aides, and MP3s containing healing sound frequencies.  Sean also offers incredible ink and painted portraits of your guides or loved ones.  



For 1000s of years in India, the pursuit of absolute realization was always supposed to be a process, a science that becomes ‘self-evident’ so Veda in Sanskrit means knowing.  The word Veda is derived from the root word, “vid” meaning to know. Thus, Veda also means knowledge. The Vedas were given to the human family since time immemorial and the pursuit of acquiring knowledge of the Self was always supposed to a process that eradicated a dependance upon belief.  Sean’s Vedic tour samples the most existential questions mankind has proposed:
*The Three modes of Material Nature and how they influence the soul’s journey.
*The profounds levels of the Absolute-  (Brahman, Paramatma, Bhagavan)
*The Vedic Universe and the infinite realms of consciousness.
*The spiritual sky- what is it?  What is it like in comparison to the material energy?
*Reincarnation- Why does the soul take on the illusion of material form?
*Yoga Systems- The distinct features of varying yoga systems and what they ultimately produce in Realizing.  
*The quantum field and the two distinct observers within the body- the Soul and the Supersoul.
*What is the ultimate aim for the human kind and which yoga is the greatest journey for Self realization.
*Time and the Cosmic order- How time is the perfect illusion of the souls journey.
*In-depth analysis of mantras and there effect on mankind.  Specifically, how the mahamantra can effect humanity.
*Expansions and Avatars of the Absolute – how the Creator is infinitely expressed 
*Mandalas and Yantras- why they’re important to the senses.
*The mysterious Lord Buddha- who was this most mysterious, and most compassionate Being?
*How to live karma-free/end the cycle of samsara *Chakras and the inner world/outer world connection.
*Why Demigods and ETs of love and light help the human family/why the human form is the most prized vehicle in the known universe.



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