ECETI Seasonal Community Crew – Get to Know Me

Thank you for your interest in being a short term or seasonal Community Member at ECETI.  Please complete the information requested below so that we get to know more about you.  If the typeface is too small, please use the zoom feature on your browser to increase it.

Once you’ve submitted your responses please be patient.  The process for consideration is:

  1.  Submit your information
  2. Information reviewed
  3. Phone/email contact made to you by ECETI Crew and possibly there will be a teleconference call.
  4. James/Ashli tip on harmony with Highest & Best for you and ECETI
  5. ECETI Community makes final determinations
  6. Notifications made via email with phone follow up

As this is our first year using this process, we appreciate your understanding as we fine tune the process.  If you have questions, please email us at eceti.seasonalcommunity(at)gmail(dot)com


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