First Time Visitors to ECETI

We are delighted you have an interest in visiting ECETI

This is your invitation to register to visit.

Please read this page in its entirety for all the information and links you need to know.  Mahalo!

Here’s what you need to know about visiting ECETI in 2018:

1.  The ranch will open to the public on Thursday May 3rd 2018 and remain open through Sunday November 11th weather permitting.   This serves as your invitation to visit the ranch – all you need to do is register for which weekend you’d like to visit.

2.  You do need a reservation to come visit, even if you’re coming just for SkyWatch and not staying overnight.  We accept overnight visitors Thursday through Sunday and SkyWatch Only visitors (not staying at ECETI) only on Friday and Saturdays.  DO NOT ARRIVE without a reservation. We have automated our reservation process this year, please use this link to find you preferred weekend and then book your stay online. Please note that if your email address is associated with a paypal account, you will need to pay with paypal not with a credit card.  If you’d like to pay with a credit card please use a different email address.

3.  During your visit there will be opportunities to sit in the Pleidian Arbor, meditate on Lemurian Hill, walk the Stargate in the Field of Dreams, join in on a meditation, walk the Galactic Medicine Wheel or connect with the land by doing some gardening or watering.  During some weekends there may also be the opportunity to have a massage or cranial sacral treatment, join in with Qi Gong, experience Light Language or listen to a talk on detoxing the body.  And of course there is SkyWatch in SkyWatch field hosted on Friday and Saturday night and at your leisure on Thursday and Sunday nights.  Click here and scroll down to see some of the some of the activities that take place during SkyWatch weekends.

4.  During event weekends (workshops and the conference) ECETI is open ONLY to guests registered for that event, it is not open for casual SkyWatch or camping.  NOTE we are still finalizing details for the workshops and conference.  Check back weekly for updated links. Please look at SkyWatch only weekends if you do not want to register for an event.

5.  ECETI is NOT OPEN on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  Please honor James’s and the Crew’s need for personal sanctuary, space, chores and contemplative reflection during that time.  You are welcome at the ranch with a reservation Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  No exceptions.

6.  If it’s your first time visiting ECETI there is a document that answers all your questions.  Find the FAQ’s on visiting ECETI here. We also have four types of accommodation.  You can read more about the accommodation at ECETI here.

7.  PET POLICY – Please note, that as the result of two instances in 2015 where guests’ dogs bit either humans or ranch dogs ECETI is now strictly enforcing no pets allowed. This includes service animals. (It was a guest’s service animal that attacked our ranch dogs.) If you do not adhere to this policy you will be asked to leave and will forfeit any deposits/payments made so please make other arrangements for your pets prior to booking your reservation. There are no longer any exceptions. We cannot risk the liability.  Leave your pet with a trusted caregiver while you come to the ranch.

8.  You may also wish to have a private Transpersonal Release Session with James during your visit  You can read more about these sessions here .  The healing options at ECETI include the following:

Please note – We have been given strong guidance by Cazekiel and Bacal and our Star Family to protect the Stargate this year as the frequencies are in the process of recalibrating to an even higher vibration. Therefore, although we honor free will when it comes to the use of recreational or medical marijuana we ask you to honor the Ranch’s policy of being a Marijuana, Drug and Alcohol Free Zone. This is crucial to prevent the diversion of energy from supporting the Stargate to clearing the entities that use the openings of artificially altered states to infiltrate the Stargate. If you are not comfortable with our policy we honor you and wish you well in locating a retreat center more in alignment with your beliefs. ECETI reserves the right to remove volunteers or guests who do not adhere to our Marijuana, Drug and Alcohol Free Zone policy from the property and all funds paid for workshops or accommodations will be forfeited for non-adherence to this policy. Namaste

Finally, the energies and frequencies at ECETI Stargate are showing us it is going to be a very powerful summer season and we look forward to welcoming you to the ranch and supporting your journey of connecting to all that you ARE.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ranch when the time is right.

Blessings and Gratitude,

Keep Shining!

39 thoughts on “First Time Visitors to ECETI”

  1. How do I sign up for the Conference in July? I’m a Leo and I need a lot of this. I know I do. I’ve been resisting my path but the time for stagnation is no more. I feel I could gain a great deal from the entire experience, as well as share with others what I’ve picked up on through my contact experiences, telepathic experiences, ways to raise your vibrations and with that also increase your chances of contact experiences, astral projection techniques that have worked for me and assisted in contact, and much more. So as I think I may have some things to offer other participants, I’m extremely eager to learn as much as possible from others as well. With the combination of knowledgeable and experienced individuals in attendance as well as pure intentions and the eagerness of attendees to learn new things, this should be an amazing conference. I live in the Atlanta area so if someone could either email me or drop me a link on how to register for the event, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    1. Aloha…we are finalizing registration/webpages for the conference now. If all of the speakers get me their final information it will be open by April 17th I’m hoping sooner. Blessings, Ashli

    1. Hi Kristina..not sure what weekend you’re trying to register for, but now all camping/skywatch weekends are open and the Remote Viewing, Self Mastery and ECETI2018 Conference are now open. WE’re continuing to work on the remaining ones. Go to this link

  2. Hello everyone at eceti . I have just tried to sign up for your news letter but unfortunately I couldn’t access the link you provided in the e mail you sent . I am living in Ireland in a remote County Donegal would love to get in contact with the IRISH setup here like you mentioned in one of your U tube videos I have just watched. Please forward contact number or e mail so I can get on touch with them if they do in fact exist here. Would love to go to your ranch and visit but unable to at this time . Your work is fascinating. Helen

    1. Aloha Helen – use this link to sign up for newsletter. If it doesn’t load the first time, hit “refresh” and it works fine. ECETI Ireland is a fledgling intention with the guys from Open Your Mind Radio. They’ve done a few SkyWatch events, looking at how to do it with the unpredictable (or predictable?) weather. Here’s their contact page that has a form, an email and a phone number. Cheers! Ashli

  3. Hello I volunteer every year to work with the speakers at contact in the Desert . I’m looking forward to visiting the ranch please keep me updated on events .

    1. Aloha Goddess! The best way to be kept updated on the events at the ranch is to check back to this website and/or to sign up for our newsletter. Here’s the link. We’ll also have volunteer opportunities for our 2018 Conference which will be July 4-8 2018. Cheers!

  4. Hi : i feel very compelled to bring some very old Tibetan singing bowls with me to the Oct 26- 31 workshop. I use these often in my service to the community here to facilitate “sound bath meditations. I would love to offer these powerful ancient frequencies to the land and any beings that would be receptive. They are quite heavy and i did not want to shlep them across the country if it was not appropriate. Having said that i would be more than happy to bring them. Just let me know either way thanks. see you soon Monte

    1. Aloha Monte. thanks for your patience in my replying to this. If you’d like to bring your bowls and are open to if/when it is appropriate for you to play them that is the best way to go. Tashina usually does a Galactic Shamanic Journey as part of her presentations and can often use assistance in the musical aspect and at the same time she is very tuned in to if an individual’s frequency is appropriate for playing or receiving – so as long as no offense is taken. As far as the land goes – we are also very particular about giving permission for individual’s to “infuse” the stargate with other energies as it is a self sustaining frequency on its own. That said, if you are willing and open to be in the moment of whether it is in the Highest and Best to play the bowls or not then by all means bring them. In Mastery, Ashli ECETI Crew

  5. I’ve followed James for years & think he’s the real deal – wanted to visit for a long time, so my daughter in Seattle and I, who live in Tallahassee, plan a car trip there when I visit her next June. I look forward to meeting him so would prefer to be there when he’s ‘home’. I have knee issues but can stand & walk a bit – just no long treks. Look forward to this, whether any ets visit or not…

    1. Aloha Carol….thanks for being in touch. We are intending to have the 2017 calendar up and registration open by early November 2016. In that calendar we list the dates we know James will be here and when he will be travelling, however we cannot always guarantee that he may not be invited last minute to something that is in alignment with his Mission. For the most part, however, we do have advance notice. We look forward to welcoming you to ECETI when the time is right. Ashli

  6. Namaste & Good day,
    I very much would adore the opportunity 2 visit & participate in Ectis offerings yet being a broken & fractured neck survivor I would need 2 bring a CG-Care Giver 2 assist my walking & gathering of necessities. I strive 2 walk @ all times & have found due 2 my weight ratio issues a hand 2 hold grounds me very well. Would I need 2 purchase 2 admission or tickets?
    Blessings in all ways ~

    1. Aloha Palette and thanks for being in touch and I appreciate your asking for information. Can you email me separately at eceti2016[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know what event or weekend you are looking at visiting? Are you looking at attending a workshop or coming for SkyWatch or coming for an overnight stay during a camping/skywatch weekend and staying in one of our rooms? more information will assist me in answering your questions. Heart Hugs, Ashli

  7. Hi,
    I haven’t received a reply from my last email,just wanting to know if two females from Australia can visit your ranch last weekend in August,
    Ps, accommodation or not is fine by us.

    1. Janette – here’s a copy of my response to your previous post:
      Aloha Janette…I’ll have an answer for you late Tuesday ECETI time. That weekend is the Ground Zero Radio station weekend, so I need to see what rooms they need. Heart Hugs, Ashli

      I’m updating the registration for that weekend by very late Wednesday (about 1:30am Thursday my time). Yes there will be rooms available. I’ll let you know as soon as registration is open. Ashli

  8. Hi Ashli, I copied and pastes this info from the conference schedule page, “9:30am MiniWorkshop 3 hours: Winston Shrout (register here)
    5D – Moving into Cashless Commerce Case Studies Q&A”

    I was not able to register as indicated on the page. Is there any openings for one more? And if so, what is the fee?

    Also, is Wifi available at any time?
    Thank you.

    1. Aloha…I’m working on getting the information up and there will be plenty of space. The fee is $55. Internet is sketchy right now, we’re having problems with our service and they’re saying the earliest they can be here is Thursday. I can’t promise we’ll have internet for the guests (I’m using my peronal AT&T hotspot to do all I need to do for the ranch) See you soon! Ashli

    2. Hi,
      My client and friend and “partner” in one of the healing modalities in a center she is setting up, Canie, was just up there a week ago and told me all about your place. I am very interested. I treat children free all over the world and go anywhere just about. Will be in Jamaica for 9 weeks starting September 20th, so I would like to come up for a weekend with my 18 year old daughter before i leave. We will fly into Portland and rent and RV and will be there the weekend of the 9th of September. I am very drained from all the treating I do ( is a friend of mines website about what we do) and was wondering what you would recommend. I especially work with autistic kids and very abused kids here in the US, so I am looking for some thing that might give me a boost as sometimes i feel like I can’t go on doing this. I feel ready to move on, but I know I shouldn’t. I will be willing to try almost anything. My magic machine is amazing, but sometimes it’s hard to treat yourself with something you are always treating others with.


      1. Aloha Pauly and thanks for your note. I do not see a reservation for you for that weekend, have you already registered on line? If not, please register here If there is something specific you are asking of us please let me know. Blessings and we look forward to welcoming you to ECETI when the time is right. Ashli

  9. I’m so glad I found this page and read the note about “no dogs.” I’ve been seriously considering a visit to ECETI Ranch very soon and of course I’d be bringing my beloved GoldenDoodle with me. We’re pretty much joined at the hip; where I go, he goes. I have no trusted friends or other good alternatives for his care, so that means I won’t be visiting. I’m disappointed, but realize that if I need to be there, I will be, and things will work out. I totally understand the reasons for the “no dogs” rule and I appreciate learning about this first!

    1. Aloha Susan and thanks for understanding Someone said there is a kind of an “air bnb” for dogs that a friend of mine who travels internationally uses. It’s an app. Good luck and we look forward to welcoming you to ECETI when the time is right… Cheers, Ashli

  10. Hello
    Looking forward to the summer conference. It will be my first visit to the ranch. I am happy to help where I can. Last summer at the Mt. Shasta conference I spent much time helping in the kitchen. So, I’m happy to fill in where ever and when ever.
    See you soon.


    1. Aloha Alan… Thanks so much for your offer! We’re working on the volunteer schedule now and I’ll get back to you this week. Looking forward to welcoming you to ECETI. Cheers, Ashli ECETI Crew

  11. Is it possible to have a private, personal or “indiviudal” experience on the ranch without the media, fanfare, on-lookers, background noise and screams of people in fear or emotional ecstasy? We are a step beyond intermediate and would like the opportunity and chance to have a full contact of our own accordingly to our faith, perception, love, understanding and individual light vibration. Thank You. {TheOneWhoIs}

    1. Toni – after reading your post we send you lots of love, clearing and healing as your comments reflect that perhaps visiting ECETI is not what you are meant to do – it may not be in frequency alignment with both where you think you are and where you actually are. Our mission at ECETI is to support the awakening Master in everyone and welcome all individuals who are drawn to experiencing the Stargate as directed by their Higher Selves. We are not naive, we are on the forefront of clearing lower level entities and are discerning about what energy we allow into our own energy fields while at the same time not going into EGO and thinking we are better than someone else. If you reread your post do you feel the energy of “separate from” and “ego” speaking through it? That is not the heart space or the frequency we hold here. In our experience our Star Family brother and sisters and the Higher Dimensional Beings tune more into an individual’s intention, heart space and Higher Self plan than how many years they’ve been studying something that perhaps they don’t walk and talk. It is humorous that someone who use the sign off “The One Who Is” speaks in the way your post came across. James and I have no experience with true enlightened beings from this dimension or the Higher Dimensions that have the attitude of being “better than”. In Mastery and Compassion, Ashli ECETI Crew

      1. Thanks for the quick response. Sorry about the delayed response, misunderstandings or other heart feelings. The bottom line is that I’m seeking help…at 59 years young. Can we start over? Signed, Nobody.

        1. Aloha again Toni…starting over is always a beautiful idea. My suggestion is you visit the event calendar to use your Mastery to “feel into” which weekend feels right to attend. If you are indeed coming from Denmark you may need some time to plan. We have SkyWatch weekends which are more casual (in that you can come visit for one night up to 4 nights if you are staying at the ranch) or we have weekend workshops. Perhaps the Self Mastery & Making Contact workshop in October is the frequency you would like to be part of. I am in the midst of coordinating the last minute requirements for our annual conference happening in 10 days but I will have the registration for the SelfMaster Course up before July 1st. Let me know if you have any additional questions. Blessings, Ashli

          1. Hello Ashli and thanks again for your quick response….”what a difference a day makes”. Yes, I would be flying in from Europe and plan to stay on the ranch. I sing and play a 12-string gutair and remember James mentioning something about a need for more music on the ranch. It would be great to be apart of something during my visit to curve some of the cost. Could we continue this dialog via e-mail? regards, (wearing glasses)

          2. Hi Toni…..good to hear from you again. Can I ask a favor? Would you kindly be back in touch with me after July 8th via email to eceti2016 which is a gmail account… Then we can chat more about energy exchange for the October gathering. I’m a little slammed between now and the next two events – the Conference and Peter/Solreta’s worskhop. Heart Hugs, Ashli

  12. Dear ECETI Friends,

    I love in Portland and work as a Licensed Massage Practitioner for a local resort not far from the ranch. I would like the opportunity to volunteer, lend a hand where needed.

    I am very interested in attending the 2016 Summer Conference during the week of June 30 to July 3(?) Not sure of the date. June 30th is my birthday and I would love to spend it at the ranch.

    Please let me know how I may be of service. Namaste.

    1. Aloha Diana, thank yo so much for being in touch and for your wish to volunteer at ECETI. My apologies for taking so long to reply, I got hit with a very nasty flu in February and have gotten a bit behind – but all is on the mend now! Can you please send me an email to eceti2016(at)gmail(dot)com with your interest in volunteering during the conference? And your interest in volunteering in general. My first priority is to finish the website, then I’ll be focusing on volunteers for this season and the conference. Thank you for all you are and all you do. Blessings Ashli

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