We are delighted you have an interest in visiting ECETI

This is your invitation to register to visit.

Please read this page in its entirety for all the information and links you need to know.

1.  The ranch will open to the public on Thursday May 3rd 2018 and remain open through Sunday November 11th weather permitting.   This serves as your invitation to visit the ranch – all you need to do is register for which weekend you’d like to visit.

2.  You do need a reservation to come visit, even if you’re coming just for SkyWatch and not staying overnight.  We accept overnight visitors Thursday through Sunday and SkyWatch Only visitors (not staying at ECETI) only on Friday and Saturdays.  DO NOT ARRIVE without a reservation. We have automated our reservation process this year, please use this link to find you preferred weekend and then book your stay online. Please note that if your email address is associated with a paypal account, you will need to pay with paypal not with a credit card.  If you’d like to pay with a credit card please use a different email address.

3.  During your visit there will be opportunities to sit in the Pleidian Arbor, meditate on Lemurian Hill, walk the Stargate in the Field of Dreams, join in on a meditation, walk the Galactic Medicine Wheel or connect with the land by doing some gardening or watering.  During some weekends there may also be the opportunity to have a massage or cranial sacral treatment, join in with Qi Gong, experience Light Language or listen to a talk on detoxing the body.  And of course there is SkyWatch in SkyWatch field hosted on Friday and Saturday night and at your leisure on Thursday and Sunday nights.  Click here and scroll down to see some of the some of the activities that take place during SkyWatch weekends.

4.  During event weekends (workshops and the conference) ECETI is open ONLY to guests registered for that event, it is not open for casual SkyWatch or camping.  NOTE we are still finalizing details for the workshops and conference.  Check back weekly for updated links. Please look at SkyWatch only weekends if you do not want to register for an event.

5.  ECETI is NOT OPEN on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  Please honor James’s and the Crew’s need for personal sanctuary, space, chores and contemplative reflection during that time.  You are welcome at the ranch with a reservation Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  No exceptions.

6.  If it’s your first time visiting ECETI there is a document that answers all your questions.  Find the FAQ’s on visiting ECETI here. We also have four types of accommodation.  You can read more about the accommodation at ECETI here.

7.  PET POLICY – Please note, that as the result of two instances in 2015 where guests’ dogs bit either humans or ranch dogs ECETI is now strictly enforcing no pets allowed. This includes service animals. (It was a guest’s service animal that attacked our ranch dogs.) If you do not adhere to this policy you will be asked to leave and will forfeit any deposits/payments made so please make other arrangements for your pets prior to booking your reservation. There are no longer any exceptions. We cannot risk the liability.  Leave your pet with a trusted caregiver while you come to the ranch.

8.  You may also wish to have a private Transpersonal Release Session with James during your visit  You can read more about these sessions here .  

The healing options at ECETI include the following:

Transpersonal Release Session 


Spiritual Counseling

Body Work 

Please note – We have been given strong guidance by Cazekiel and Bacal and our Star Family to protect the Stargate this year as the frequencies are in the process of recalibrating to an even higher vibration. Therefore, although we honor free will when it comes to the use of recreational or medical marijuana we ask you to honor the Ranch’s policy of being a Marijuana, Drug and Alcohol Free Zone. This is crucial to prevent the diversion of energy from supporting the Stargate to clearing the entities that use the openings of artificially altered states to infiltrate the Stargate. If you are not comfortable with our policy we honor you and wish you well in locating a retreat center more in alignment with your beliefs. ECETI reserves the right to remove volunteers or guests who do not adhere to our Marijuana, Drug and Alcohol Free Zone policy from the property and all funds paid for workshops or accommodations will be forfeited for non-adherence to this policy. Namaste

Finally, the energies and frequencies at ECETI Stargate are showing us it is going to be a very powerful summer season and we look forward to welcoming you to the ranch and supporting your journey of connecting to all that you ARE. We look forward to welcoming you to the ranch when the time is right.

Blessings and Gratitude,

Keep Shining!