About the workshop


This is James Gilliland's signature foundational  workshop - the perfect opportunity for people who have been asking for time to talk to James, learn more about his journey of awakening and receive practical guidance on how to continue to consciously expand and step into Self-Mastery. The weekend is highly participatory - the benefits from the workshop come from a combination of James's verbal teachings, the meditations, the clearings and from allowing your frequency to be recalibrated to the highest possible frequency available to you at this time while sitting in the vibrational field that is created and held by James throughout the weekend.  For those of you who have previously attended an Ambassador Training this workshop is continually updated based on the shifting frequencies and timelines.

Learn how to heal unseen negative influences and discernment
How to contact benevolent higher dimensional beings
Exploring the multidimensional self.
Who is who in the multiverse
How to film UFOs, How to discern what is a satellite or known object

Eceti is a vortex, what some call a power center where the veils between worlds becomes very thin. This accelerates the awakening and healing process and allows access to the higher planes and dimensions. Come experience what tens of thousands have in a safe loving space. The evidence is irrefutable we are not alone In the universe and contact is happening NOW.