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for Multi Dimensional Conscious Contact

May 26 – 28, 2016 Memorial Day Weekend
ECETI Ranch – Trout Lake,  WA

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This is James Gilliland’s signature foundational  workshop – the perfect opportunity for people who have been asking for time to talk to James, learn more about his journey of awakening and receive practical guidance on how to continue to consciously expand and step into Self-Mastery. The weekend is highly participatory – the benefits from the workshop come from a combination of James’s verbal teachings, the meditations, the clearings and from allowing your frequency to be recalibrated to the highest possible frequency available to you at this time while sitting in the vibrational field that is created and held by James throughout the weekend.  For those of you who have previously attended an Ambassador Training this workshop is continually updated based on the shifting frequencies and timelines.

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James OBE


  • 5pm Welcome and Orientation
  • Overview of the Weekend
  • Heart Connection Meditation
  • Healing Unseen Negative Influences
  • SkyWatch


  • Planes, Dimensions and the Vibrational Continuum
  • Safeguards for clear guidance
  • Ancient Tibetan Meditation Techniques
  • The Power to Manifest, Ancient wisdom &  what “the secret” forgot to tell you
  • Manifestation Ceremony
  • Star Family Connection Meditation
  • Who’s Who in the Universe – Experiencing Highest planes and Dimensions
  • SkyWatch


  • Tools for Divination
  • Techniques for working with Higher Beings & Guides
  • Summer Solstice Ceremony
  • Expanded Teachings on Self Mastery topics
  • SkyWatch

eye of god

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  1. A quick PS… personal items I’m referring to are only those associated with the workshops. Thanks so much again 🙂

  2. Aloha Ashli! Could you please list for us any personal items we need to bring with us, such as yoga mats or anything else. We’ll be flying in, but can stop along the way from the airport to the ranch to pick up anything we need. Thank you, much love and light to you all 🙂

    1. Aloha Terri and thanks for your questions. I usually send out an email about 10 days before the workshop. For the Ambassador Training there is no need for a yoga mat. Flashlights, raincoat (just in case), notebook, pens, an open heart….that’s about it! Heart Hugs, Ashli ECETI Crew

  3. Hi Ashli, I don’t know if it’s a glich with my laptop or if it’s just not accessible yet, but I can’t open the link that says “click here for meal plan information” for the ambassador training weekend. Thanks so much for your help, much love n light 🙂

    1. LOL as per my email – the glitch is in my juggling projects, not the link or your computer. I’ll be putting out an email to everyone registered as soon as I get them posted. Have had a few hiccups but all is good. Blessings, Ashli

  4. Dear James,
    I live in Canada and would love to attend your ambassador training program,I would be alone and with my health problems ask only that I have a bed and meals in other words a room a with meals also,being my first time not sure where to begin as booking flight room and how to get to ranch etc. Your help would be appreciated from a through z as I usually have travel agent do his for me,please advise if possible.
    Yours very truly

    1. Aloha April – as per my direct email to you, the answers to your travel questions are either here or here on our FAQ page Airport is Portland, Oregon and you can post on Ride Share page once you have your flights. Room availability is based on what is available online when you book here as we have limited accommodations but the FAQ page also lists local motels etc (although you’ll need transportation). A meal package is available and information on that will be posted by Monday April 10th – a little behind schedule. Hope that helps and perhaps you can find a family member to assist you with booking your trip if you are not sure how to do so. ECETI doesn’t open officially until May 12th so I am volunteering part time while continuing my full time work elsewhere. Blessings, Ashli ECETI Crew

  5. I love how you use the word “CONTACT” in your real ambassador training. I am so glad you still participate in Contact in the Desert even though there are conflicting viewpoints. The truth never needs to be argued and CONTACT has been made for centuries. Thanks for sharing what’s really goin’ on! I hope to visit again soon, to help and learn as usual.

    1. Aloha Kasandra – regarding signing up for the Ambassador workshop (or any events at ECETI) you always click the “Click here to register” or “click here to make reservation” link that is on that page. To make it easier for you, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER In Mastery, Ashli ECETI Crew

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