Ride Share Ambassador Weekend May 26 – 30

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Please use following format for posting:


Date:    (ie) Thursday May 26/Monday May 30

Seats Available or Needed:  2 seats available

Location: Portland International Airport (or Bend, or Hood River)

Time:   1:00pm flight arrives on Thursday, 2pm flight departs on Monday

Name:  Your Name Here

Contact:  your preference phone or email

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8 thoughts on “Ride Share Ambassador Weekend May 26 – 30”

  1. Title: RIDE NEEDED

    Date: Monday May 30

    Seats Needed: 1 seat plus space for luggage

    Location: Southeast Portland

    Time: Whenever Monday evening/night

    Name: Natasha Cabral

    Contact: 313.506.5233 natashaCinfo [at] gmail [dot] com

    Hello Wonderfuls,
    I need a lift Monday evening from the Ranch to SE Portland. Please contact me if this is manageable for you, thank you 🙂

  2. Plans of arriving AMTRAK Portland Union Station from Southern California on the Coast Starlight on Friday, May 27, 2016 at approx 3:30pm.

    Reservations have been made for the Ambassador Workshop.

    I would greatly enjoy riding with you to the Gilliand Ranch. I have arranged a ride back to the Amtrak station in Portland for the Coast Starlight back home on Monday.

    Aloha and kindest regards to Ashley and the eceti staff… see you all again soon!

    1. Aloha Elizabeth & looking forward to seeing you again too! I’ll also be including the ride share neeeds in an email I’ll be sending out the first week of May to everyone registered.

      Blessings, Ashli

    2. thanks to Christina and Dane Stocker for the wonderful ride into Portland from the ranch. We enjoyed each others company after the rich encounters at eceti. Left the ranch on Monday after the seminar. All in all an excellent adventure. Thanks to the folks at the retreat/seminar, loved every moment. I’ll be back! Kyle.

      1. Aloha Kyle…it was wonderful having you here again and huge thanks to Christina & Dane for taking you to the airport. See you soon! Blessings, Ashli


    Date: Friday May 27

    Seats 2 seats available

    Location: Portland metro/Hillsboro

    Time: early to late morning

    I hope to leave as early as possible on Friday, the 27th.
    Heading back to Portland late Sunday. (after 5 pm)
    Email me any time and we can figure something out.
    Ride is free. 🙂

    danielmadore [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. Title: RIDE NEEDED

    Date: Friday May 27/Monday May 30

    Seats Needed: 1 (possibly 2, waiting to see if my dad is attending)

    Location: Portland International Airport

    Time: 12pm Friday, may 27

    Name: Eliana Christianson

    Contact: (951) 663 8697 or eliana [at] hiptraveler [dot] com

    Aloha! I would really love to attend the Ambassador Training coming up in May when I will be visiting the mainland, however, with the expense of the plane ticket, housing, and meals, I am not able to afford it all. I’m hoping I can work out a work trade to lower some of the cost. I can pay for the workshop itself, but the other things I cannot. I met and spoke with James a few different times at Contact in the Desert last year and he told me that work trade is something I could definitely do if I was able to make it up to the ranch. I hope he remembers me, my name is Eliana and I am 22 years old, I teach children’s yoga. I recently finished his books and felt a very strong feeling that I should attend the workshop in May. Please let me know if this could work out, I dont have much money, but just trying to do anything I can to make it work!
    Thanks so much! Many blessings to you!!

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