WINSTON SHROUT: Removing Commercial Karma II Sept 2nd – 4th 2016

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Winston Shrout – Solutions in Commerce
ECETI Ranch Weeknd Workshop
Friday September 2nd – Sunday September 4th 2016
private consultations for workshop attendees available with Winston on Thursday and Monday


Commerce 101
Friday September 2nd 1:00pm – 4:30pm
Removing Commercial Karma II
Friday September 2nd 7:00pm – Sunday September 4th 6:00pm


About this weekend:

The weekend begins at 1:00pm on Friday with Winston’s foundational course Commerce 101 which concludes at 4:30pm. The opening session of  Removing Commercial Karma II begins at 7:00pm.

Some of you may be familiar with Winston’s work and the concept of commerce versus business. Many of you may not.  In order to support you in gaining a greater foundation for this weekend, Winston has kindly agreed to include his foundational course in the registration cost for the weekend.

This foundational course is a powerful introduction for those of you new to the concepts of Solutions in Commerce or those who understand that the more you hear something explained the more you’re able to absorb and understand it.

Due to limited space, this Friday afternoon foundational course at ECETI is included in the registration for Removing Commercial Karma II and is not available for registration as a  stand alone event.  (You cannot register for Friday afternoon only nor is there any discount for not attending Commerce 101).  


Foundational Course: Commerce 101  
Friday September 4th
1:00pm – 4:30pm (included in workshop price)

For Winston’s Friday afternoon session, some of the fundamental concepts of commerce will be discussed. It is an excellent primer for the weekend workshop Removing Commercial Karma II.

This 4 hour intensive workshop will focus on ideas essential to understanding commerce today, and will include topics from Winston’s most recommended ‘For Beginners’ lectures including, “The Strawman Trilogy”, “Foundational Understanding: Making the Claim”, and “Money of Account vs. Money of Exchange”.

This is a must see presentation for those who are new to the information, as well as those who could benefit from a refresher course of these key principals of Commercial Redemption.  Due to limited space this Friday intensive is only being offered to attendees at Winston’s weekend workshop.

Please read Winston’s event preview of Commerce 101 here…

Weekend Workshop:
Removing Commercial Karma II

Friday September 2nd – Sunday September 4th
Starts Friday at 7pm ends Sunday at 6pm

From Winston Shrout:

At our last event at ECETI the subject of Removing Commercial Karma was addressed.  Although we had a few days to address some of the issues for that subject, certainly we did not cover all of the aspects which would allow one to remove all of these nuisances.

So, as a continuation of this same theme, at our next WSSIC/ECETI event we will explore some of the other elements which may be of assistance to those who are reaching for higher dimensional vibratory frequencies.

The “sacred secret” which few are publicly talking about is the ‘interim republic’ sponsored by the US Military.  And with the elections coming up in November, and with the prospects of a return of a republican form of government to replace the ‘fascist’ approach we have suffered with for the last number of years … the question is:  what will it be like to actually live in a republic and what will it mean for me?  Having never lived in a republic what are we to expect, and how well will we do in our individual efforts?

And if we do have a true republic, how will we conduct ourselves in regards to commerce?  Ought we not know the proper commercial maxims necessary to carry on with?  What is necessary for a truly moral commercial approach?  So, we will investigate and analyze the time tested commercial maxims….

Please read Winston’s full event preview of Removing Commercial Karma II here

Private Consultations with Winston
(for workshop attendees only)
Thursday September 1st & Monday September 5th

These 90 minute sessions are for one to two people for a fee of $350. There are 4 slots available on Thursday and on Monday (total of 8 slots) for private consultations with Winston.  For more information please call WSSIC direct on (971) 333-1005


 – Registration Fee includes the workshop and SkyWatch portions of the weekend.  Accommodation or Camping are reserved separately on the same registration page
– Meals are separate from the registration  

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  1. Mr Shrout, Are you familiar with Craig Perine. We had him working on my husband’s case. We have been informed that he passed away recently. Now we don’t know what are next step is. We have been waiting 90 to 120 days for a response. It is going on 145 days now. I know we were close to the end. Can u help us in any way

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