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Commerce 101 – in Winston’s words
Foundational Course – Friday, September 2nd
1:00pm – 4:30pm

I was once at a pretty high level meeting in an international venue.  All of the participants in this meeting were passing around their ‘business’ cards which contained, as one might expect, the name of their business and contact information, etc.  I was asked for my ‘business’ card, and I said:  I don’t have one.  So I was asked ‘why’, and I said:  because I don’t do business.  I was asked:  well what do you do?  And my answer was:  commerce.

And it is true … I know very little about business.  But over the years I have managed, being self-taught, to learn a great deal about commerce.  And it is a very broad subject covering actually all of the interaction of people whether it be in business, dealing with governments, with banks, with taxes, and the whole gambit of interaction between people anytime that ‘energy’ is exchanged … in whatever form.

Naturally, the question might be asked:  can a knowledge of commerce and commercial principles enhance one who is doing business?  And the answer to that question is a positive YES.  How can one carry on business without at least a rudimentary knowledge of commerce?

In our Friday afternoon session for those who anticipate attending the weekend seminar, some of the fundamental concepts of commerce will be launched into.

Most will perhaps be shocked to hear me say that all commerce is carried on in fraud!  Whoa there, what does that mean?

Well commerce is carried on in fiction … it just isn’t like ‘barter’ where goods and services are ‘exchanged’ … quid pro quo … a fancy Latin term which basically translates into ‘something for something’.

In commerce we have to introduce ‘weights and measures’ which describe real things, but are not the real thing … only a representation of the real thing … hence fiction/fraud.

Now one doesn’t need to launch into some moral judgment of the words I use here.  Commerce is not some technique to cheat one another using ‘fraud’.  It is just the term we use when using fiction rather than tangible objects.

And key to understanding some of these basic concepts of commerce in our present world is a correct understanding of ‘money’.  Is there more than one type of ‘money’.  Is there ‘private’ money and is there ‘public’ money’.  Do we have money which can be used for ‘exchange’ (quid pro quo situations), and is there money which is simply used for ‘adjusting’ accounts’?  Yep, a proper understanding of money is a key element to figuring out this world of commerce.

So, get out your note pads and sharpen those pencils.  We will see you on Friday afternoon.


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