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Workshop Friday September 2nd –
Sunday September 4th

At our last event at ECETI the subject of Removing Commercial Karma was addressed.  Although we had a few days to address some of the issues for that subject, certainly we did not cover all of the aspects which would allow one to remove all of these nuisances.

So, as a continuation of this same theme, at our next WSSIC/ECETI event we will explore some of the other elements which may be of assistance to those who are reaching for higher dimensional vibratory frequencies.

The “sacred secret” which few are publicly talking about is the ‘interim republic’ sponsored by the US Military.  And with the elections coming up in November, and with the prospects of a return of a republican form of government to replace the ‘fascist’ approach we have suffered with for the last number of years … the question is:  what will it be like to actually live in a republic and what will it mean for me?  Having never lived in a republic what are we to expect, and how well will we do in our individual efforts?

And if we do have a true republic, how will we conduct ourselves in regards to commerce?  Ought we not know the proper commercial maxims necessary to carry on with?  What is necessary for a truly moral commercial approach?  So, we will investigate and analyze the time tested commercial maxims.

Maybe, just maybe, many of the nuisances we have suffered with will just go away.  But it may take a transition period for that.  How long that will take is unknown.  But at least in the short term we might have to yet deal with some minor problems.  So, how about we discuss a couple of nuisances:  third party debt collectors and traffic tickets … and perhaps a few others.

And lastly, we might consider the Jonathan Livingston Seagull saga.  Having never been free to soar, perhaps many will have trouble ‘getting off the ground’.  Quoting the phrase from the popular song, Me and Bobbi Magee … “freedom is just another word for nothing left to do” … is that it?  So, we are ‘free’ and we having nothing left to do.  Well, maybe that is an overstatement.  Actually freedom carries with it “much left to do”.  Maybe we can think of a few things that we as free men and women should and ought to do.  Perhaps we can think of a few things before the event, and discuss those things then.  For people who have never been free to live free might cause a few problems, at least at first.

I am not a ‘guru’ … I am a constant student.       – Winston Shrout

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