Barry Littleton

Barry Littleton

“I’ve been a positive Contactee/Experiencer my entire life, & what I’ve seen at ECETI has intensified that.  Anyone aware can easily witness ships coming, & going from inside the mountain.  These ships can also be seen displaying what Native American Elders called: “Dancing In The Sky”.   The Ranch is a true Power Spot where healing, & positive contact occurs.”

Barry Littleton

Barry Littleton was born somewhat awake, & had odd past life memories from the beginning.  In childhood he had intense telepathy, & began having odd encounters with different beings that he didn’t understand who, or what they were.  Some of these childhood experiences included encountering dis-incarnated people, strange playmates, & awakening not in his bedroom or house. There was no way of proving these odd encounters he was having, so he asked for them to become more tangible, to be even more physical.
At the age of 18 his experiences became even more physical, & resulted in four separate encounters that totaled about 18 hours of missing time. The combined experiences of missing time, conscious encounters, & past life memories; lead him to do a vast amount of research in attempt to verify & explain the experiences. He’s physically been on several different craft, & has seen several different types of beings, much of which he is able to describe in detail. He has studied, researched, & practiced several aspects of the spiritual, metaphysical, & paranormal phenomenons.
Barry has degrees in Psychology, Sociology, & Ethnic Studies from WSU (Wichita State University). For the last two decades he’s been involved in administration for “At Risk Youth”, including Cognitive Behavioral Modification, & managing aggressive behavior. He’s also an Options Stock Trader.
In late 2010 Barry was involved in a near terminal car accident, in which he received 4 Catastrophic Traumatic Brain Injuries, & had an NDE on the way to the hospital. It is chiefly because of that accident, that he is now speaking out about Contact Experiences.
Barry is currently working on a website, a book, & developing a better platform.
His youtube channel is: Barry Littleton
A Frame Of Reference

Barry shares his own personal contact experiences. This discussion will include describing several different beings he’s encountered and the Alliance they’re associated with.

Descriptions will include the 5 different ships Barry has physically been aboard & some of the technologies contained within them. He will also address a few of the modalities concerning the types of contact he’s experienced. This will be done in an attempt to trigger memories in other Experiencers/Contactees  & to help shed more light on the entire phenomenon from a positive perspective. This is designed also to create a tapestry of Contact Experiences that may help everyone consciously.


Barry will be leading one of the SkyWatch evenings during the workshop.  Prior to SkyWatch beginning, Barry will lead the attendees through a few of his meditation practices, sharing some of his methods for opening to Contact.

Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence