Kosta Makreas

Our ETLetsTalk community’s mission is to remain on the forefront of proactive and interactive communication with advanced and benevolent Star Civilizations visiting our planet.  A major part of that mission is to teach the world that everyday people can make safe and loving ET Contact..”
Kosta Makreas


Kosta Makreas founded and facilitates the online ETLetsTalk Community (ETLetsTalk.com) with 11,000 members in 100+ countries.  ETLetsTalk teaches everyday people to make their personal contact with benevolent Star People, many of whom are visiting our planet at this time.

Born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 1953, he went on to earn his B.A. in Computer Science from Indiana University.  Kosta has enjoyed a broad and successful career as a software consultant to many Silicon Valley companies. He currently resides in San Bruno, CA with his wife Hollis Polk and is the father of two adult children.

As a young man Kosta became fascinated with the mysteries of the Universe – teaching himself astrology, meditation, astronomy and reading widely about extraterrestrial UFOs, comparative religion, spirituality, Atlantis, and many other metaphysical topics.

His life-long quest to satisfy his deep interest in world peace & positive planetary transformation compels him to create & sponsor projects that empower others.

“Envision A New America”, “Friends of Kucinich International”, “The Great Invocation Video Project”, “The Disclosure Project Prayer/Meditation Group”, “Spirit of Goodwill” and “The Global CE-5 ET Contact” Initiative, are some of the incredible projects he’s helped manifest from ideas to powerful realities.

Kosta believes that we are living in a unique, challenging, and wonderful point in history as we transition to a new mode of enlightened and spiritual living where planetary peace reigns between Humanity and all life forms on and off Earth.


Global Contact Initiative: The People’s Disclosure Movement

Kosta Makreas is the founder of ETLetsTalk.com and the ETLetsTalk Community which has 11,000 members in more than 100 countries. 

This community is making daily, weekly and monthly contact with our benevolent Star Friends in order to co-create Earth’s Golden Age with them.  Kosta will talk about the creation, importance and growth of this community. 

He will also present information about “The Global CE-5 Initiative” and “The People’s Disclosure Movement” which he founded in 2010.  These are movements that are bypassing government and other authorities in order to directly contact ET intelligence as “Disclosure” power is returned to the people. 

It is We, The People, who are uncovering the cover-up and discovering the presence of ET activity around and on the Earth. 

Kosta will lead the audience in a demonstration of the ETLetsTalk CE-5 protocol for making ET Contact

CE-5 Global Contact SkyWatch Intention Experiment

During the 2017 ECETI Conference the ETLetsTalk Community around the world will link in to one or more of the SkyWatch events at ECETI to provide Conference attendees the experience of the CE-5 Global Contact Intention that ETLets Talk arranges monthly.

The ETs are very tuned-in and can be creative in their choice of contact methods.

They will only communicate when it is safe for them and you.

CE-5 Contact Protocols

STEP ONE – Personal – Looking inward
A positive expectation, along with meditation experience and an ability to quiet your mind is essential to contact success. The physical world we focus upon is not the only universe where we can connect.

STEP TWO – Community – Expanding outward
Working with others, of like-mindedness, enhances your experience. ETLT’s 5000+ CE-5 Team members participate in 50+ countries.

STEP THREE – Reaching Infinity & Beyond
Universal energy is free and available to everyone that reaches out to plug-in. Using the power of this grid, CE-5 teams reach out to connect with compassionate extra-terrestrial contacts.

Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence