Special Volunteer Weekend – October 14th – 16th – cancelled due to pending storm



SPECIAL VOLUNTEER WEEKEND – This is a special weekend for the ECETI Community to assist the ECETI Crew in getting ready for the winter. It is not open for casual Camping and/or SkyWatch if you are not volunteering. Please see the weekend of October 22nd for the next casual Camping/SkyWatch weekend.

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ENERGY EXCHANGE FOR VOLUNTEER WEEKEND – We are always grateful to our Community for pitching in when we need assistance.  In exchange for your contribution of time we will provide you accommodation, meals, skywatch, campfire musical jam and our gratitude.  You will also receive a $15 ECETI Energy Exchange credit per hour volunteered which is redeemable for Accommodation or Conference/Workshop fees during the 2017 Season.

Accommodation during the Volunteer Weekend is first come, first served and complimentary based on a minimum completed volunteer contribution of 4 hours per day.  If there are more than 1 person in the room, each person is required to volunteer the 4 hour minimum a day.

Meals during the Volunteer Weekend – breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided daily and will be complimentary based on a minimum completed volunteer contribution of 4 hours per day.

Daily Volunteer Deposit – Each person volunteering will be required to make a deposit of $20 per person per day in advance.  These deposits will be refunded back to your payment card based on your completion of the 4 hour daily minimum of volunteer contribution.  We have instituted this deposit policy due to our experience of some individuals signing up for Volunteering Shifts (and us buying food for them) and then not show up.  We appreciate your understanding and we will gladly refund the deposit back to your payment card on your departure day.

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wood-splittingWood Cutting/Wood Splitting
We have a trailer load of wood to be cut and split for the winter.  Tools provided.  Please bring gloves.

Clean Up Collapsed Barn
Last year’s snow storm collapsed an old barn in our pasture.  We need help cleaning it up.  A bit of heavy lifting.  Please bring gloves.

greenhouseGreenhouse Organizing
We’ve got a bit of cleanup to do in the Greenhouse to get it ready to plant seedlings over the winter. Light to medium lifting.  Please bring gloves.

Totool-organizingol Shed Organizing
We’re excited to get the tool shed organized – this will include installing peg board and outlining tools so all volunteers know where tools belong. Light lifting.  Gloves

apple-pickingApple Picking
It’s that time of the year.  We have several apple trees ready to bless us with their bounty.  We have an apple picker or you may use your hands.

Apple/Plum Canning – Perhaps Applesauce?  So we have all these apples and plums and they’re gonna be picked but we need someone to get creative – maybe make applesauce or can them?

clean-up-clipart-10Cleaning Bridge House/Kitchen
It’s been a busy season and it’s time for doing the semi-annual clean of the house kitchen and the living room.  Dusting, vacuuming, organizing, collapsing boxes/bags for firestarters.  Light lifting but some bending/stooping

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If you have questions, please email us at eceti2016(at)gmail(dot)com



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