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Workshop with Jay Gilliland
Holotropic Breathwork


“Journey deep into the realms of the multi-dimensional mind on the wings of the Breath, where the light of your soul is the inner healer, and guide. Experience aspects of your self using authentic expanded states of consciousness, to resolve blockage, clear and release unwanted energies, and explore the trans-dimensional domains of the mind.”

Jay Gilliland

Jay Gilliland has been practicing Bodywork/Massage for over 35 yrs. He teaches at 3 different massage schools on the west coast of the USA and also teaches workshops internationally. He is also a trained hypnotherapist and leads Holotropic Breathwork Seminars.

Jay is a master bodyworker whose expertise in structural alignment techniques and bodyreading are employed along with energetic modalities such as Reiki and Cranial/Sacral Therapy. Jay lives half the year in Mexico where he practices his body arts at the famous Haramara Yoga Retreat . During the Summer Jay is available for sessions at ECETI Ranch when he is not traveling teaching. Jay’s current interests involve invoking expanded states of consciousness as a resource for healing and spiritual development. He is a lightworker dedicated to healing and the spiritual awakening of humanity.

Jay Gilliland has over 26 years experience leading group Breath work Events.

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