Sound Healing – Neil & Sol

Sound Healing Meditations will take place:
Friday June 9th          prior to SkyWatch to set intention for SkyWatch
Saturday June 10th after breakfast, before morning session
Saturday June 10th after lunch, before afternoon session

Neil Gaur

Neil Gaur was raised Hindu; however, he considered himself an atheist Hindu because he never truly believed but only did what his family’s culture dictated he should. As a young child into his teenage years he felt very isolated and different than his friends and family. The concepts he would come up with and the questions he would fathom were not entertained by those around him. After graduating high school in 2000 and going into college Neil began creating poetry about the Universe and his own inner spirituality. After about a year of heavy writing he came across some videos on the internet about the Sumerian civilization. This led him down a rabbit hole of awareness in which he realized that a lot of the poetry he had written were actually concepts from ancient scriptures such as the Sumerians.

This made a lot of sense to Neil and he went down the rabbit hole of information and awareness. He delved deep into the conspiracies and the corruption and felt that there was a disconnection in the world – and that we as a species are wandering aimlessly allowing ourselves to be manipulated and controlled. He was so angry, feeling that there was something more to the world that what we perceive with our eyes. He stayed in the darkness for a while, a bit scared and very confused. He wanted to do something and help shift the consciousness on the planet.

After 8 years of spiritual exploration, Neil founded an organization called Portal to Ascension. The intention for this was to begin to share awareness, ideas and practical tools to assist the world in shifting their consciousness to a higher octave. Neil began conducting webinars, live workshops and conferences on a range of consciousness and ascension related topics to help spread this awareness over the world. In 2010 Neil went on the first Tour Of Love with Dr. DREAM in which he began playing sound instruments in the healing workshops they were facilitating. Since then sound and frequency has been a passion for Neil. Neil will be delving into the deep esoteric wisdom behind sound healing, as well the science behind it. This is his debut presentation in which he will release for the first time the information he has gathered from his experiences and 16 years of research.

Sol Gaur

Sol Gaur is a sound therapist and conscious practitioner that brings forth a unique and powerful energy. She utilizes a range of musical instruments creating a harmonious experience that allows for healing and alignment of your energy centers.

Sol was born in Torrejon, Spain on an air force based and traveled back to the States with her parents at the age of 3 months. She lived in Southern California and Tijuana, Mexico for most of her life. She was raised Catholic; however, starting at the age of 4, she began questioning her own faith and had questions about life and existence that the Church could not answer. Her experience with the Catholic Church and the guilt that came with it did not sit well with her as she became an adult. Throughout her life she converted to many different religions and belief systems… beginning with atheism… during her long search for her identity and to find her place in society.

She always had a spiritual understanding of the universe that came natural to her and an understanding of reality that did not seem to fit the status quo. On January 5th 2010, Sol had an awakening that was a tangible experience. She was taking a walk down her local street while reading a book and she began having tingling sensations throughout her body, as well as dizziness and light headed-ness. Her entire body was vibrating. She had already been on a path of understanding consciousness and after this experience her evolution took off on an exponential level. She began integrating all aspects of herself and what she had been learning and began consciously creating events and facilitating sound healings to assist others in their own awakening. Today, Sol creates a range of consciousness events with her husband Neil Gaur.

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