UBUNTU One Small Town Will Change the World



Hello this is Michael Tellinger, I am the founder of the UBUNTU Liberation Movement.

It gives me great joy, on behalf of the UBUNTU USA team, to launch our new strategy and our simple plan of action, which we call ONE SMALL TOWN, can change the world.

Our objective is to turn one small town in the USA into a model for other towns, the kind of place that most of us have dreamed of all our lives, and to lay the foundation for a new social structure and a world free from economic slavery.

A place of abundance and prosperity– where anything we imagine is possible.

This one small town will become an example to all others, to realise that it can be done… and that they can do the same. We believe that this will create a domino effect that will become unstoppable, not just in the USA but around the world.

This is an introduction for our USA launch and our crowd-funding campaign which will enable our USA team of volunteers to put all the business plans and PR material together and travel to the towns that have shown interest in implementing our simple plan.

If you are tired of the human misery and the constant struggle to survive, I invite you to join UBUNTU USA in this historic action.

If you are a dreamer and believe that this can be done – you are not alone. There are millions like you.

Please read our Manifesto for “One Small Town, Can change the world” (link below) and become a seed of consciousness by sharing this message with everyone.

Let us become the makers of our own reality and manifest the beautiful utopian world we all want to live in.

It all begins with ONE SMALL TOWN.

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