Young Masters at ECETI

Here at ECETI we’ve been very aware of the special frequencies being brought to the planet by many of the Second and Third Wave Starseeds who’ve recently incarnated on Earth – we call them the Young Masters.  And many of these Young Masters have conscious awareness of their StarSeed Connections. This gathering celebrates their uniqueness and provides these Young Masters with an opportunity to explore, discuss and experience the multi-dimensional world.  In addition, they get to meet others in similar age groups who also know there is more to the world than what they’re being “taught” in school.

This weekend provides an opportunity to take part in activities that will bring them closer to nature and support an expanded understanding of our role in the Universe.  Activities will be geared towards the ages of the children who are registered and may include cloudbusting, learning how to use dowsing rods, going on a scavenger hunt, learning about the different Star Nations, and decorating a stone for placement in the new Medicine Wheel that will be dedicated to the Inner Earth/Elemental Beings.

We’ll present an entertaining and youth-oriented slide show about ECETI that includes Orbs, fairies, UFO photos, drawings of the Benevolent Star Beings and more.  They’ll have a chance to feed our baby goat Ramses and pet our new sheep! There will be movement including Yi Gong of the 4 elements, dance and walking through the Medicine Wheel.  We’ll play music and do automatic drawing and writing.  And we’ll introduce them to (or expand their knowledge of) meditation in a fun and supportive way.

We’ll also introduce them to a youth-friendly version of James’ Healing Negative Influences process that  they’ll be able to use whenever they don’t like what they are feeling.  Many of the adults who come to ECETI have memories of night terrors and nightmares when the lower level entities attempted to shut down their light.  Our intention is to teach these Young Masters with tools to deal with any “yucky” energy in a way that is age appropriate and empowering.

The children will be encouraged to share their own multi-dimensional experiences without judgement or embarrassment.  Many children who come to ECETI have past life memory – or lucid dreamtimes filled with multi-dimensional experiences.


And of course, there will be ECETI’s legendary SkyWatch at night. Between seeing all the orbs in the Sky, looking through our telescope, seeing the lights dancing on Mt Adams and the Craft “pwering up” your children will have incredible experiences to last a lifetime.

We’ll also have special gatherings for the parents – an opportunity to discuss your unique experiences with raising children who have incarnated with such a High Frequency.

All in all it is a creative, fun, enlightening experience at the beautiful setting of ECETI at the foot of Mt  Adams.  There will be plenty of time for rest as well!

Child-friendly and adult enjoyable meals will be provided at an additional cost.

This weekend is now also open for Casual Camping/SkyWatch.  Use same registration button below.


Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence