ECETI Off the Grid – Special SkyWatch Weekend with Presentations May 18-21

This weekend will be a SkyWatch and Camping Weekend with the added opportunity to join us for our inaugural ECETI Off the Grid Lecture Series.  The lecture series is a package of 3 talks on Saturday May 20th from 11am – 6pm. You may join us for the day or stay overnight.

3 Lecture Series registration fee : $80  Register Here

James will not be here this weekend as he will be at Contact in the Desert, however our Crew will be conducting SkyWatch nightly.

As an added bonus, on Friday May 19th John Bertoli will conduct the inaugural Unity Light Activation Ceremony from ECETI.  This activity is included in the cost of your accommodation or SkyWatch only registration.

Lisa Diane
Vicky McGarrity
Michael Murphy

Lisa Diane has 20 years design experience in the fields of green residential design, site planning + development, civil engineering + land surveying, with a passion for the Earth, music and the “Architecture of the  Cosmos” (Sacred Geometry).  She is also a professional sand sculptor.  Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Ecological / Green Building Design +  Furniture Design from The Evergreen State College.  VISIT:

LECTURE:   Saturday May 20th 11:00AM – 1:00PM
Earthbag Dome Building
Learn the essentials of “dome raising”!  Get an overview of the preparation, techniques, process, design, finishes and breif history of earthbag dome building as influenced by Nader Khalili of the CalEarth Institute and cultures around the world.  Learn how the sacred geometry of the dome is a portal to our multi-dimensional selves and the cosmos.  Get inspired to “drop the gym” and build with community for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  You – of any age and ability – have a valuable role in dome building!
Vicky McGarrity
Vicky Lee McGarrity’s passion for farmsteading began in 2006. What began as a small farm for her family, grew into a licensed raw milk and cheese dairy with her small herd of goats. The quality of the milk was important to Vicky, as she battled a variety of allergies over the years. She quickly developed methods of managing her herd with sustainable methods in mind; herbal medicine; and natural grazing techniques. Over the course of the last eleven years, residents of Bremerton, Poulsbo, Kingston, Hansville, and Bainbridge Island, found her goat, sheep and cow milk and cheeses at a variety of farmer’s markets and restaurants. Vicky has never lost her passion for farming and her animals. She enjoys sharing her simple and effective methods of naturally managing small herds and help you develop your own homestead dairy.
LECTURE  Saturday May 20th  2:00PM – 4:00PM

This mini-workshop, by Vicky McGarrity, covers housing, fencing, and feeding a variety of animals. In addition, simple ways to set up a homestead dairy are covered, which includes storing milk and simple equipment for home cheese making.

Michael Murphy has had a close and nurtured relationship with trees and fantasies about Treehouse since a very early age.  He was a teacher, youth minister, and summer camp director when Pete Nelson asked him to come and build treehouses. Thus began his path into the center of the small community of international Treehouse builders. Michael is passionate about the human/earth relationship and about helping people build relationship with their environment. He builds treehouses and sacred spaces across America and Latin America and speaks to groups and classrooms about living passionately and intentionally and with the earth.
LECTURE:  Saturday May 20th 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Practical treehouse building
The theory of Treehousing as a spiritual and revolutionary practice
Michael will speak to practical Treehouse building end engineering, address faq’s and dos and donts about building treehouses and his personal practice of recognizing every moment as holy and every inch as beloved and how it works into building living and sacred spaces.

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