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RIDE SHARE FORUM 2017 Conference

Please use following format for posting:


Date:    (ie) Wednesday June 28th/Tuesday July 4th

Seats Available or Needed:  2 seats available

Location: Portland International Airport (or Bend, or Hood River)

Time:   1:00pm flight arrives on Wednesday, 2pm flight departs on Tuesday

Name:  Your Name Here

Contact:  your preference phone or email

(and make sure you click the box so you get emails when new posts are added)

Read more about our Speakers here

See the Conference Schedule here

Read about Accommodations here

Register for the Conference here

Meal Information & Purchase Here 

Post on the Ride Share Forum Here (Need a ride/have extra seats)


Explore our Work/Trade Energy Exchange Opportunities here 

Read about Lend-A-Hand Energy Exchange for Meals here

13 thoughts on “Ride Share Forum ECETI 2017 Conference”

  1. Hello beautiful souls, 1 SEAT NEEDED:
    from Portland PDX to ECETI
    I land Wednesday 28 June 11:20 a.m.
    Thanks, and can not wait to meet everyone at the amazing conference!! Love and Light, =)

    1. Aloha Tod – I’m sending out another update this weekend so will include that you need a ride. Blessings, Ashli

      1. Aloha Ashli, The wonderful ECETI community continues to take care of each other. I have been contacted and details exchanged 2 more beautiful souls inbound for THE conference!
        Love and Light,

    2. Hi Tod. I’m arriving the 28th at 2:30 in at PDX .. Then ubering to pick up a van I’m getting. Happy to take you to the ranch 🙂 sent u a email as well. Take care Chris

    Date:     June 29th
    Seats Needed:  1
    Location: Portland International Airport (or Bend, or Hood River)
    Time:   8AM-2PM 29th
    Name:  Ibrahim Zaghw
    Contact:  415-706-4594 Ibrahim [dot] zaghw [at] gmail [dot] com

    1. Thanks Ibrahim…posted to ride share. I’m sending an email to everyone registered this coming weekend. Ashli

  3. Title:     RIDE NEEDED
    Date:    Saturday June 8 2017
    Seats Needed:  1 seat
    Location: Portland International Airport (or Bend, or Hood River)
    Time:   12:37pm flight arrives on Saturday, 7;32pm flight departs on Wednesday July 12
    Name:  Harald Appelboom
    Contact:  herald [at] qhht [dot] love Tel: (902)817 8383

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