Deborah Pietsch

Deborah Pietsch

“Disclosure of your LIFE’s purpose can only come from proactively engaging in clearing your field enough for your Higher Self to make contact … and that isn’t a sure thing in the current suspended animation of the matrix…learn and engage now.”

Deborah Pietsch

About || Deborah Pietsch

Deborah Pietsch comes via the world of Hollywood, as an award-winning producer, switching gears in 2010 to allow an additional ‘calling’ to reveal itself as a cutting-edge spiritual teacher, healer, telepathic communicator and Activator. Awakened in 1987, Deb was opened up like a “tin can” multi-dimensionally. She has gone through a decade of “Activations” which have accelerated her abilities to traverse dimensions 24/7, communicate telepathically, as well as understand unexpected situations such as infiltration, the hijacking of humanity’s great awakening, the energetic effects of 9/11, the reversing energies of the Law of Attraction and much more.

Private clients and students around the world experience profound alchemical shifts as Deb brings forth detailed and confirmed telepathic communication, unique teachings, insights, experiential tools AND high frequency Light to Activate their I AM Presence, 13 DNA Codes, 3rd eye and more. She masterfully clears blocks, entities and infiltration from people’s energy field, projects and homes. Through experiential tools, she empowers people to learn how to clear their own energy fields, re-calibrate, up-level and communicate with their Higher Selves and Beings of Light Guides. Additional teachings and Activations include establishing and anchoring your Free Will, Sovereignty and new status quo of well-being.


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Conference Lecture || Disclosure of the Hidden Energetics of the Matrix

Disclosure of the Hidden Energetics of the Matrix:
Going Beyond Surface Information into Infiltration and the Abrogation of Your Free Will

What are the elements and aspects of the matrix that are most likely affecting every aspect of your daily life experience AND inhibiting your abilities of manifesting, creating, being with your Spiritual Partner and more?

From years of very detailed telepathic communication with my Higher Self and Beings of Light Guides, I have been provided with both experiences, as well as communications about how and why our Great Awakening has been hijacked. Things do go bump in the night…

It’s imperative to shine a light on the shadow / dark energies of the Designed Assault Against Humanity. Why? Because just like any issue that is interfering with your well-being and your ability to thrive, expand and create, it’s necessary to recognize the depth of destruction that has been done. Think alcoholic coming to terms with their alcoholism and the necessary steps that must be taken in order to come back to a level playing field…they must look at the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s exactly where we are in the disclosure of the construct of the matrix.

The question is, are you ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work, which includes in depth understanding of what’s been going on, in order to stop the infiltration and abrogation of your Free Will?

It’s TIME to understand the ceremonies and rituals being performed behind the scenes by large groups of people on the planet AND how “those things that other people are doing” are directly affecting your every day life; literally interfering and abrogating your Free Will. You will most likely be amazed at how these things are affecting your life.

By understanding these elements AND working the experiential tools we offer, you will become Activated, higher probability of becoming Masterful in your life. You will also be better equipped to make choices that are aligned with your Highest Good as well as attract, create and manifest abundance, connect with your Higher Self, align with a spiritual partnership and other hearts desires.

Looking forward to meeting you at ECETI with James Gilliland and his gang over 4th of July weekend … what better way to celebrate INDEPENDENCE and FREE WILL engagement?!!

Lecture Date:  Thursday July 5th
Lecture Time:  5:30pm – 7:00pm

Workshop Sunday, July 8th || Transcend the Matrix: Experientially Relate to Your Energy Field AND Learn Powerful Techniques to Clear Your Field of All Undesired, Uninvited Energies

Co-Presented with Scott Bartle

We are going to “roll up our sleeves” and powerfully get some deep work done. There is a prerequisite experiential tool set in order to engage with and participate in this workshop. Please see the details below at the bottom.

This will be an experiential workshop. Please wear comfortable clothes, bring your water bottle and your journal or some way to keep written notes.

-How much of a relationship do you have with your energy field inside your body?
-How much of a relationship do you have with your energy field outside of your body?
-If someone “corded” you, would you know?
-If an entity or group of entities started taking residence in your energy field, would you know? If so, how would you know?
-Do you unknowingly allow and perhaps even ask other energies into your field?

We’re going to do a deep dive into the shadow / dark energetics of the current reality Matrix so you can begin to identify with the ways that your Free Will has (probably) been abrogated, interfered with and potentially hijacked. We’ll discuss how your energy field is affected everyday by the nefarious intentions, as well as, energetic actions others engage in. We will go down certain rabbit holes with the intention of shining a light on the shadow aspects so you can begin to recognize them and most definitely CLEAR them for yourself in your life.

Then we’re going to Activate a Unified Field of Light in order for you to begin to feel the clearing process. We will guide you through the experience of establishing a relationship with your energy field from the inside out.

This workshop will not only be experiential, it will be very high vibration that will also ignite an alchemical process of transformation that will most likely cause you to experience major life shifts. You will also likely want to take some ‘downtime’ after the workshop for integration of the effects of the energetic work, the Activations and the alchemy that will be Activated.

Examples of rabbit holes we’ll venture down:
-Bank accounts affected by nefarious outside energies
-Close relationships that are used as a vehicle to create distraction, distortion and disempowerment in your daily life

We are offering our foundational tool set Clearing Your Field 101 and 102 for ECETI Conference attendees for a 50% discounted rate. Normally each is $66 bringing the total to $122. The Conference special offer is $66 for both 101 and 102.

You can purchase the Clearing Your Field 101 & 102 tool set for the ECETI Conference show special several ways:
Online with the ECETI Conference promo code at You’ll receive the tools as a digital download
From the ECETI bookstore
From our table / booth at the ECETI Conference

Duration:  2 hours
Time:  11:30am – 1:30pm
Workshop Investment: $99 which includes
$33 for the workshop
$66 for Clearing Your Field 101 and 102 (a $122 value)
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Private Sessions

Through telepathic conversation and clairvoyant “seeing” details are revealed to Deb from your Higher Self and Being of Light Guides, as well as advanced work with your Holographic Field, Deb will provided detailed information, Insights, Activations, Clearings and more during your session.

Deb will be guided as to what is in your Highest Good as “low hanging fruit” to talk about as first priorities to support you.  Yes, you can ask questions – there’s usually back and forth dialogue, unless you go into an altered state, at which point, Deb continues to do the work and all information is on the recording.

She will  Clear Your Field and also ask permission to communicate with your Higher Self at the beginning.  She will also tell you what (advanced) work she’s doing with your Holographic Field, so you have an intellectual understanding in addition to the experiential experience.  She will also interpret any Light Language communication that comes through.

Includes recording of session.
Register on Conference Registration Page
Session investment: $333
**Prerequisite Tool: Clearing Your Field 101:   $ 66

**Note to new clients: Clearing Your Field 101 is a prerequisite tool to work with for at least 7 days prior to the session is needed… There’s much more information available on the website page:


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