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Ethann Fox ECETI Ranch
Ethann Fox ECETI Ranch
About || Ethann Fox

Using new world tools and self-taught spiritual teachings, Ethann Fox assists people around the globe in their awakening to higher consciousness and living a happy, fulfilled life. 

Ethann has a distinct gift for helping Lightworkers uncover their soul’s purpose and piloting highly conscious organizations and events that are the impetus for our transition to a new world consciousness.

Conference Lecture || LIVING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE

Ethann shares a hopeful perspective of the future landscape of positive changes that are occurring in this time of transition within the overall context of planetary cycles. He goes on to illustrate how an individual can empower themselves during this time, to live a full and happy life in alignment with their life purpose.

Lecture Date:  Saturday July 7th
Lecture Time:  3:30pm – 5:00pm


Bridging Realities | Moving Through Planetary Change

Now more than ever, Lightworkers on the planet are being called to bridge the gap between the 3rd and the 5th dimensions. Many of the timelines we have created from our careers, relationships and the way we earn money to our identities and beliefs have been formed in an old grid energy. This old grid was manifested through our collective focus on service to self, physical material, singularity and lack.


However, a new, multi-dimensional grid is now available on our planet. This new grid operates as a direct pathway to Source and is connected to universal support. It has the potential to affect all areas of your life, allowing you to step into your signature imprint, expressing your unique offering to the collective while receiving support and abundance to live a happier and more fulfilled life.


Transitioning during this turbulent time can be challenging as you uncover your soul’s plan to work in harmony with new, collectively-based energies of the planet.  Ethann and Micheila blend their teachings in this 2 hour interaction designed to vibrationally and physically transition your timelines to live in alignment with your planetary purpose. This experience includes mix of lectures, trance channeling, energy transfers, guided meditations and activations, as well as the opportunity to interact directly with Micheila, Ethann and a variety of loving Guides, Master Teachers and Collectives who are here to assist humanity’s ascension.

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