James Gilliland

James Gilliland

Speaker- James Gilliland at ECETI Ranch

“Relying on others to ‘disclose’ separates you from your own multi-dimensionality. The ‘powers that were’ are still attempting to control the narrative on UFOs and benevolent ETs in a desperate attempt to keep humanity in fear and mental enslavement.  It’s time to lead yourselves from your own heart and soul.  That is true disclosure.”

-James Gilliland


James Gilliland ECETI Ranch
James Gilliland ECETI Ranch
Private Sessions with James Gilliland
About || James Gilliland

James Gilliland is a best-selling author, internationally known lecturer, minister, counselor, multiple Near Death Experiencer and contactee.  He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines; a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth who teaches higher dimensional realities from experience.

He is recognized world-wide as the founder of the Gilliland Estate, commonly known as the ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) where he documents and shares amazing multi-dimensional contact phenomenon which can be viewed on the ECETI YouTube Channel.   He was initiated by a venerable Lama, Guyaltrul Rinpoche and given the name Rigdzin Norbu, “Jewel of Pure Awareness.”  His unique focus on dispelling the myths propogated by the disinformation system make him an in-demand speaker at events such as the International UFO Congress, Star Knowledge Conferences and Contact in the Desert.

James’s books Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey educate, awaken, inform and heal.  He is also the host of the documentary Contact Has Begun.  His latest book – Anunnaki Return – Star Nations and the Days to Come is a powerful look at what is happening on a multi-dimensional level as we move forward in this time of great change.

Conference Lecture || The Liberation of Planetary Earth 2018 Update

You cannot pass the barrier into the 5th dimension unless you have an open mind, loving heart and pure intent. This is also the prerequisite for contact with the Spiritually and Technologically advanced Off Worlders, Ascended Masters and those advanced beings within the Inner Earth.

What if you become love, joy, find total acceptance and appreciation within? What would happen to seeking, leaking your energy like a battery, how self empowering would that be – to go within and find yourself? The true self – not the social programmed self.  You would be free, you will look around you and ask do I really need all this stuff?

Do I want to surround myself with what now feel to be zombies? Do I really want to be part of this herd and is this herd sustainable? Am I frequency specific to my surroundings or do I need to make a change? Am I being supported and fed spiritually?

Then, sadly, most will wake up in the morning, go to their cubicles and fall right back into the herd of zombie consumers.

Yet some will not…..

Those are the ones we are looking for.  Those are the ones the liberation of Earth is depending on.

– James Gilliland

Lecture Date:  Friday July 6th
Lecture Time:  5:30pm – 7:00pm

Private Sessions

TransPersonal Release Sessions

One of the most powerful therapies on the planet is the Spiritual Transpersonal Release Technique. This was once known as Retro Clearing endearingly referred to as a spiritual roto rooter. It is a technique that transfers powerful consciousness and energy to the recipient allowing them to heal, “Quickly and Gracefully”, any mental or emotional wounds, traumas or wrong conclusions from past experiences.

 This includes past lives and any unseen negative influences as well. Many of our fears and phobias often do not have any base of origin in this life. This is when past lives have to be taken into account. Where does a child prodigy obtain the ability to play beautiful music, access knowledge beyond their present understanding? Where does the inspiration come from in all great works of art or science? We are more than the sum total of this life’s experience. Our mental and emotional bodies are affected by unseen spiritual forces in positive and negative ways. It is time to open to the positive and heal the negative.

Session investment: $175
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