Jason Gleaves

Jason Gleaves

(appearing via Zoom)

“When I receive a report or a UFO image, that’s when the real detective work begins…”

Jason Gleaves

Jason Gleaves ECETI Ranch
Jason Gleaves UFOnly ECETI Ranch
About || Jason Gleaves

Jason Gleaves spent 11 years in the UK Royal Air Force and is now the author of a newly released book UFO PHOTOS: COMPUTER ANALYSIS OF WORLDWIDE UFO IMAGES THROUGH THE DECADES

Jason has had strange sightings throughout his life and military career.  His first UFO sighting happened at the age of 7 – near Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool – when he & his sister saw a bright silver disk-shaped object outside the window of the room they were playing in.  It hung motionless as they stared at it in amazement before it disappeared at high velocity.

Jason’s personal experiences peaked his interest in UFOs and unexplained phenomena.  At that time, UFOs were not really heard of, never mind talked about, and all the unanswered questions drew Jason into his own journey of research.  Over the years he has enhanced and analyzed UFO photographs submitted to him from all over the world.

Jason recently analyzed photos and footage of UFOs taken at ECETI Ranch.  His detailed analysis is now available on the ECETI YouTube Channel.  Upon analyzing the images Jason was amazed at the high detail he gained from the enhancement methods applied and is excited about how analyzing UFO footage will continue to reveal more details as technology and software improve.

Conference Lecture || UFO - Unidentified, Fake or Unknown Origin

Jason’s  presentation will include his own experiences and what his enhancement techniques have revealed about sighting such as:

  • -The “Battleship” size UFO witnessed by many at RAF Gosford in March 1993
  • -The civilian Argentine Pilot double buzzed by two disk-shaped UFO’s who filmed the encounter on his mobile phone
  • -The historical UFO event of the ‘Battle over Los Angeles during 1942’. Witnessed by thousands of people and fired upon by the military, without any resulting effect to the UFO.
  • -Analysis of UFO Footage filmed at ECETI Ranch


Jason Gleaves lives in the UK and will be joining us virtually via zoom.

Lecture Date:  Friday July 6th
Lecture Time:  12:00 noon

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