Joan Ocean

Joan Ocean

“I go into their environment, remain alone and quiet, speak to them telepathically and listen for anything they want to tell me or show me.  Apparently the great grandmothers of this Sasquatch family have had contact with white people and some of them learned to read and write in English, although they have their own language as well. They seemed to know me.  Through some inner sensing abilities, they named me, Water Woman.”

Joan Ocean

Joan Ocean ECETI Ranch
Joan Ocean ECETI Ranch
Joan Ocean ECETI Ranch
About || Joan Ocean
With a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology, Joan Ocean is a psychologist, shaman and scientist who creates environments that support people in transition from one lifestyle, one dimension, and one physical form to another.

Joan Ocean is the co-founder with Jean-Luc Bozzoli of Dolphin Connection International.  She is the author of two books detailing her 30 years of experiences with free-swimming dolphin pods around the world.

Regarded as an authority on the subject of Dolphin Tel-Empathic Communication, she has developed the methodologies of her work, entitled Participatory Research, in which human and cetacean species are equally conducting research with each other. Joan has shared her research and knowledge with audiences at the International Whale and Dolphin Conferences, Dolphins and ET Civilizations Conferences, The Power of Sound Conference, Star Knowledge and The Prophets Conferences over the past twenty years and has been interviewed in magazine articles and for television by such shows as CBS’ 48 HOURS, Animal Intelligence,  Animal Planet, Good Morning Australia, and the TBS [Tokyo Broadcasting System] programs on dolphins.  

Joan Ocean has contributed a chapter in the new book by author/researcher Ron Morehead entitled: The Quantum Bigfoot, comparing some of Ron’s communication processes with Bigfoot he met in the Sierra’s, with Joan’s experiences in the forest with a loving Sasquatch family, and with the tel-empathic oceanic dolphins.

Keeping the location of her Sasquatch encounters in secret from Bigfoot hunters for many years, Joan has now been able to reveal the details of her interactions with them in the Oklahoma/Texas mountains.


Conference Lecture || Meeting the Sasquatch: Our Wise Forest Friends.

Around me I begin to feel an aura of Love. It is a gentle frequency that expands a hundred feet on all sides. I recognize it as the same welcoming vibration I receive when the dolphin pods approach. Who is it? I wonder? I have the feeling someone is coming. There is something very loving in the air. Could it be the Wise Ones? This is the name for the Sasquatch people who are the most advanced spiritually and intellectually.

Did you know that Sasquatch can:

  • -Read
  • -Write
  • -Shape-shift
  • -Project Their Voice
  • -Create Infrasound that affects the environment
  • -De-materialize at will, or cause you to have an experience of lost time so you think they de-materialized.
  • -Travel 300 miles a day on foot.
  • -Live in well-lighted underground facilities
  • -Contact and live with Star People
  • -Tell us about our past and our future.
  • -Have lived here longer than the human race.

Lecture Date:  Friday July 6th
Lecture Time:  10:00am – 11:30am

Workshop Sunday, July 8th || DOLPHINS, WHALES and US: MULTI-DIMENSIONALS

Joan shares her stunning images of dolphins, whales, underwater bases and advanced geometry.  She will also entrance the audience with her telling of the amazing telepathic communication she has with these beings.

The presentation connects the dots between these amazing beings of the water and cetaceans on other star systems; possibly living in the icy waters of the moons of Jupiter (Europa) and Saturn (Enceladus).  In addition, Joan shares what the cetaceans have to say about co-creating our positive timeline, etc.  

There will be time for Q & A from the audience

Date:  Sunday, July 8th
Duration:  2 hours
Time:  9:00am – 11:00am
Workshop Investment:  $22
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