Scott Bartle

Scott Bartle

“If your energy field isn’t clear, how do you know you’re engaging with your Higher Self?”

Scott Bartle

About || Scott Bartle

Scott grew up in a family encouraging discussion and questioning of the mainstream reality in Perth, Western Australia. It wasn’t until Scott imported his ‘first wife’ – an immaculate 1959 Chev Corvette into Australia in 2009 he began uncovering the depths of the matrix.

He subsequently wrote and directed the documentary What The FUQ – Frequently Unanswered Questions of the “Australian Government”, which has now been viewed both on YouTube and free-to-air television stations by approximately .5 million people globally.

His life changed on meeting Deborah Pietsch on a trip to the USA. What began as one month turned into three, which turned into their marriage. They are now business and spiritual partners! After experiencing the energetic Activations and clarity of telepathic communication that Deborah brings forth, Scott expanded his spiritual knowledge and acumen to an entirely new and “cutting-edge” awareness.

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Conference Lecture || Getting Under the Hood of the Enslavement Matrix

Getting Under the Hood of the Enslavement Matrix:
How the Matrix Captivates People’s Attention Through Disinformation, Distortions and Distractions

Join Scott as he goes ‘under the hood’ of the Enslavement Matrix sharing analogies and examples to help explain the deliberate mechanisms to keep us distracted and ineffective in our ascension.

He’ll explore some distortions and inversions that leave us perplexed and frustrated which ultimately keep us distracted from going within.

Without first having an awareness of these issues, let alone a plan to transcend them, is like waterskiing with the anchor overboard… i.e. – very slow progress.

Lecture Date:  Thursday July 5th
Lecture Time:  3:30pm – 5:00pm

Workshop Sunday, July 8th || Experientially Relate to Your Energy Field AND Learn Powerful Techniques to Clear Your Field of All Undesired, Uninvited Energies

Co-Presented with Deborah Pietsch

We are going to “roll up our sleeves” and powerfully get some deep work done. There is a prerequisite experiential tool set in order to engage with and participate in this workshop. Please see the details below at the bottom.

This will be an experiential workshop. Please wear comfortable clothes, bring your water bottle and your journal or some way to keep written notes.

-How much of a relationship do you have with your energy field inside your body?
-How much of a relationship do you have with your energy field outside of your body?
-If someone “corded” you, would you know?
-If an entity or group of entities started taking residence in your energy field, would you know? If so, how would you know?
-Do you unknowingly allow and perhaps even ask other energies into your field?

We’re going to do a deep dive into the shadow / dark energetics of the current reality Matrix so you can begin to identify with the ways that your Free Will has (probably) been abrogated, interfered with and potentially hijacked. We’ll discuss how your energy field is affected everyday by the nefarious intentions, as well as, energetic actions others engage in. We will go down certain rabbit holes with the intention of shining a light on the shadow aspects so you can begin to recognize them and most definitely CLEAR them for yourself in your life.

Then we’re going to Activate a Unified Field of Light in order for you to begin to feel the clearing process. We will guide you through the experience of establishing a relationship with your energy field from the inside out.

This workshop will not only be experiential, it will be very high vibration that will also ignite an alchemical process of transformation that will most likely cause you to experience major life shifts. You will also likely want to take some ‘downtime’ after the workshop for integration of the effects of the energetic work, the Activations and the alchemy that will be Activated.

Examples of rabbit holes we’ll venture down:
-Bank accounts affected by nefarious outside energies
-Close relationships that are used as a vehicle to create distraction, distortion and disempowerment in your daily life

We are offering our foundational tool set Clearing Your Field 101 and 102 for ECETI Conference attendees for a 50% discounted rate. Normally each is $66 bringing the total to $122. The Conference special offer is $66 for both 101 and 102.

You can purchase the Clearing Your Field 101 & 102 tool set for the ECETI Conference show special several ways:
Online with the ECETI Conference promo code at You’ll receive the tools as a digital download
From the ECETI bookstore
From our table / booth at the ECETI Conference

Duration:  TBA
Time:  TBA
Workshop Investment: $99 which includes
$66 for Clearing Your Field 101 and 102 (a $122 value)
$33 for the workshop

2018 ECETI Scott Bartle Workshop

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