Solreta Antaria

Solreta Antaria

Inner peace is essential in an external world.

Solreta Antaria

Solreta Antaria ECETI Ranch
Solreta Antaria ECETI Ranch
Solreta Antaria ECETI Ranch
Solreta Antaria ECETI Ranch
About || Solreta Antaria

Solreta Antaria is an internationally renowned psychic and ET Communicator who also speaks Star Language.

Clairvoyant from a young age, Solreta has long been aware of other realities and is also an ET/UFO Experiencer. Today she helps many people connect to the ET’s and Inter-dimensional Beings working with them.

Solreta has an Adv Dip in Health Sciences & is a Psychic, Hypnotherapist, Kinesiologist, Author, Teacher and YouTube Channel Host. Solreta currently lives in Melbourne, Australia and also works over Internationally over Skype.

Conference Lecture || ET Comunication: A Psychic's Journey

Solreta Antaria –  ET communicator – will be speaking in depth about her incredible experiences & how she is able to connect with the ET’s, delivering messages, offering hope & insight to people all over the world.

Learn more about how you too can tap in & utilize your incredible psychic gifts for ET communication & bring about global change.

Lecture Date:  We will finalize the schedule once all presenters have submitted their topics
Lecture Time:  TBA

Workshop Sunday July 8th || ET Contact, Connecting Within

In this workshop Solreta will be covering psychic development & ET Contact tips & tools. She will also be exploring the importance of high vibrational diet & meditation. This workshop will also be hands on experience helping to develop your own unique psychic gifts, that can further enhance personal ET contact & communication.

Date:  Sunday, July 8th
Duration:  2 hours
Time:  2:30pm – 4:30pm
Workshop Investment: $22
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Private Sessions

Aura Drawing with Psychic Reading

Solreta is an International Psychic, Clairvoyant, Author and Teacher who works with clients all around the world and is known for her beautiful Aura drawings and profound Psychic Readings.

Solreta has a unique gift, she can tune in to a person’s energy field and translate the colours and symbols that surround the client, often seeing Spirit Guides, ET’s, Angels, Ascended Masters and more. In a session Solreta will draw what she clairvoyantly sees around the client, delivering special messages from the guides & beings that work with you.

Working from the heart, these positive messages she tunes in to help shed light on your life path – bringing forth various directions and opportunities life has to offer you. Solreta can also look into past lives which can be helpful in breaking reoccurring patterns. ​She draws what she sees around you, often using Tarot and Oracle Cards for additional information.

An Aura drawing is also useful to see what is coming into your life, whether it be love, a new job, health & much more, every drawing is unique & is done specifically for the client. Gaining greater insight & depth as to what’s happening on a soul level, many clients often remark that a session with Solreta is a “dot connector” – providing a wealth of information and insight that helps take them to the next level.

Includes Aura Drawing
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Session investment: $195
Session Length:  1 hour

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