“It is only when we truly own our  Authentic Self – without judgement or self doubt – that we bless the world with our unique resonance.  Playing with the unique perspective of the Compassionate Observer gives you the freedom to laugh at your Human Moments and step back onto your path of Self Mastery.”

Ashli Bio
Liberation of Planet Earth


Ashli has been a valued member of the ECETI family for over 5 years.  As a young child Ashli retained memories of past life initiations in Egypt and experienced ongoing sleep paralysis and re-occurring Out of Body experiences and lucid dreams.  Her varied background has led her to travel to over 60 countries and live in 7.

While living in Australia,  Ashli left her  corporate role of planning International Conferences for Fortune 100 companies to follow her mission of healing through sound and geometry.  She was honored to be able to assist many individuals as a Spiritual Healer for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Ashli has had multiple multi-dimensional experiences in locations such as Machu Picchu, Glastonbury, Scotland, Stonehenge, Angkor Wat  and of course at ECETI.

In addition to her operational role at ECETI, Ashli assists James with the TransPersonal Release Sessions, supports the ECETI Community with Spiritual Counseling, holds weekly meditation sessions during SkyWatch weekends, offers a Guided Walking Meditation through the Galactic Medicine Wheel and holds space, educates and en-light-ens those who are drawn to join her weekly Healing Teleconference series.

For Ashli it is indeed an honor to be in Support of the Awakening and Healing process and to assist others in recognizing the Master within.  She celebrates this journey with her soul partner, Joseph.

Self Mastery and the Compassionate Observer

The journey to finding one’s authentic voice and resonance is encountered not by hiding away one’s shadow side in fear that no one will notice, but rather in breathing it into the open and allowing the Compassionate Observer to recalibrate old wounds into wisdom and awareness.

The journey of Self Mastery can be described as being a three fold path.  The first is accepting personal responsibility for what happens in one’s life without blame or shame – in fact, laughing at one’s Human Moments, dusting yourself off and recommitting to your Mastery.  Secondly is reclaiming your power – from anyone or anything you have given your power away to.  And finally, Sovereignty – both personal in setting boundaries and spiritually in doing clearings.

This three fold path is accelerated through the use of the concept of the Compassionate Observer.  In this lecture Ashli reviews this three fold path, discusses the importance of the frequency of the thoughts that we think and introduces  you to your own Compassionate Observer and guides you on a meditation to connect deeply with your own Divinity.


Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence