Elizabeth Diane

“Living sustainably in harmony with our Mother Earth not only saves precious resources but awakens something deep within our own souls.”
Elizabeth Diane

Elizabeth Dianne Bio
EarthBag Dome Building


Elizabeth Diane has 20 years design experience in the fields of green residential design, site planning + development, civil engineering + land surveying, with a passion for the Earth, music and the “Architecture of the  Cosmos” (Sacred Geometry).  She is also a professional sand sculptor.  Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Ecological / Green Building Design +  Furniture Design from The Evergreen State College.  VISIT: Lucid9Design.com

LECTURE:   Earthbag Dome Building
Learn the essentials of “dome raising”!  Get an overview of the preparation, techniques, process, design, finishes and breif history of earthbag dome building as influenced by Nader Khalili of the CalEarth Institute and cultures around the world.  Learn how the sacred geometry of the dome is a portal to our multi-dimensional selves and the cosmos.  Get inspired to “drop the gym” and build with community for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  You – of any age and ability – have a valuable role in dome building!


Lecture:  Sunday July 8th
Time:  TBA
Cost:   TBA


The Foundation – Earthbag Dome Building

In this very “hands on” workshop Elizabeth introduces you to the fundamentals of Earthbag Dome construction.  We begin with the foundation – creating the sacred circle in the Earth that will anchor our Dome into Gaia.  We will then start mixing the composite and filling the Earthbags, spiraling and weaving the preliminary phases of this sacred space.

This full day will be the launching pad for the hands on Earth Bag Dome Building workshop  that follows the ECETI  Conference.

Workshop:  Monday July 9th
Time:  9:00am – 4:00pm
Investment:  TBA




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