James and the ECETI Crew have been brainstorming on how we can expand our support to you, our ECETI Community in these times of great shifts and acceleration.  As much as we know for many of you the dream is to come visit ECETI, it is not always possible for all of you to do so in person.  And, as we move deeper into these times of great change and breaking down of the “old” to create the “new” we have been receiving more and more phone calls and emails asking for help. 

From that brainstorming we decided to offer a new opportunity for support and healing, Weekly Teleconferences with Ashli.

Each week will feature a unique focus based on the theme presented to Ashli in meditation.   The calls are a balanced blend of information and interactive Healing Processes and/or Meditation.   All TeleConferences begin with the Healing Negative Influences Process.  Following the clearing Ashli will share the teachings related to the weekly topic which includes a powerful Healing Process or Guided Meditation to support you on your Awakening and Healing Process.  There is also time for you to ask your questions relating to that week’s topics.

The Teleconference Calls will take place weekly on Wednesdays from 5:30pm PT to 7:30pm PT. The timing allows our East Coast Community Members and many of our international Community to join us at a reasonable hour.  For those of you who cannot join, live recordings will be available for prepurchase and will be emailed to you by the Sunday after the call.

We ask that those of you who are joining our Teleconference Series for the first time call in 15 minutes before the scheduled start time so that Ashli can go through the housekeeping portion of the call with those who are new to the calls.  This will be explained in your confirmation email.

Customer Feedback

"You continue to amaze us with your commitment not only to helping out at the ranch in whatever mode of necessity that is called for, yet still continue to hold sacred space (and grace) by honoring your commitment to follow through with these weekly sessions! We all are amazed with the multidimensional frequencies that you channel and guide us into experiencing for ourselves. Last night in particular was incredible… the 11D contact continues to become more familiar; and the raising our vibration to 5D was awesome! I truly feel that your work is loving and pure and helps all of us hold a frequency of NO FEAR! Thank you and the TEAM for sharing important insights into the upcoming shifts and how we can be prepared to go with the flow! Looking forward to our next encounter. I love you and have deep gratitude and appreciation,"
"Thanks again for everything. You have no idea how much you are helping all of us get through these times, helping us to understand what is happening, and giving us tools to use so we’re not walking around in fear. 🙂 Much love and gratitude to you!"
Birdee G
"Just wanted to thank you for the call last night. You are an amazing Light! I am feeling shifted and grateful for your important reminder on how to navigate through these times. "
"Aloha Dear One. Thank you so much for everything you are doing and the space you are holding and co-creating with everyone"

How to Join the teleconference

When you register for the teleconference you will receive a confirmation email from Ticket Tailor (our booking service) that will have the call-in number for the conference call and the conference code.  Each week the conference code changes (the phone number stays the same).  The confirmation also includes local call in numbers from many international locations.  You may call from a cell phone, a land line or using VoIP.  If you call using a land line or cell phone the  phone call itself will be charged as per a normal phone call with your carrier. There are no additional phone charges for the conference call.  Follow the prompts to enter the conference code after you dial in.  Ashli is on line at 15 minutes past the hour.

The flow of the weekly call (all times Pacific Time)

5:15pm   Please join the call 15 minutes early if this is your first time for the Housekeeping Orientation  (you only need to listen in to this once) Ashli will explain how the call works, what to do to ask a question and answer any technical questions you may have.

5:25pm PT We ask that those who have previously heard the Housekeeping Orientation join the call at 5 minutes prior to the official start time as Ashli will be starting promptly at 5:30pm. If people joining the call late has an energetic impact on the frequency being set for the call future calls may be set up to “lock out” late joiners, so please be prompt, Mahalo.

5:30pm – 7:30pm PT  Ashli will share the guidance that she has received for each week’s call based on the topic chosen by Creator. Although Ashli will have prepared an outline, most of the discussion will be in-the-moment based on the frequency of the Collective Teleconference attendees and the Guidance from Spirit.  We will include our “weekly spiritual spa treatment” Healing Negative Influences process.  There will also be a Healing & Recalibration Meditation each evening.

7:30pm – 8:00pm PT Ashli will take your questions (how this is done is explained in your initial Housekeeping Orientation so remember to join in 15 minutes prior to the first time you attend one of the Teleconferences. )  Please note that individual Q&A will be limited to 2 minutes per person to allow all attendees who wish to ask a question to be able to do so.

8:00pm PT  The Teleconference will conclude with a group toning.  Blessings.


When being guided by Creator to put together this Teleconference Spirit Ashli asked how to establish an energy exchange between the Intention of Being of Support to the Community and the benefit that those who participate in the Teleconferences will receive.  Like many of you, Ashli is being strongly pushed by her Higher Self to walk away from her 3D “making a living” life and commit more of her heart, energy and resources to her true purpose for being here on Earth.  Ashli puts in long hours at ECETI in her dedication to supporting James and the Mission of ECETI and the majority of the contributions that she makes to ECETI are done in exchange for housing and meals and the blessing of living at the StarGate.

With that in mind, Ashli was shown a sliding scale offering various prepaid donation levels that will allow everyone to participate while still honoring Ashli’s Light and Commitment.  The registration link will take you to a page that will have the following donations levels:

Heart Hug Scholarship (Max 10 per call)

order recordings from past teleconferences

Wednesday March 30th
2016 Healing Negative Influences in Times of Great Change

Some of you may have been listening to As You Wish Talk Radio when Ashli guided the listeners through James’s Healing Negative Influences Prayer, explaining line by line the significance of the statement. Our inaugural teleconference will start at the beginning – reviewing this powerful Clearing Process (James, Ashli, Joseph and the rest of the ECETI Crew do this clearing several times daily – it is a necessity in times of great change and anchoring Light). The call will also include a guided meditation and an opportunity for the Community on the call to ask any questions you may have about your own experiences using the Clearing Process and how to make it more effective for you.

Wednesday April 6th
Remembering Your Multi-Dimensional Self

We will begin each teleconference call with the Healing Negative Influences Process to set the energy for our topic of the week. This week Ashli will share with you a little bit of her journey of connecting to her Multi-Dimensional Self before guiding you through a process of reinforcing your own connection – which is always there, it is just being conscious of it that sometimes creates a block. Following this process Ashli will open the session to your Questions – first those related to the process we just did, then to any questions related to the previous week’s process that may have come up while you were practicing in between calls. Whether you’ve been on your path for decades or feel you are a newbie, the collective Light Community that we are creating will benefit everyone who is called to join in.

Wednesday April 13th
Clearing Toxic Relationships

After starting the teleconference call with the Healing Negative Influences Process, Ashli will speak about how the acceleration of the frequencies is creating a great deal of havoc around us. Some of us are much better at being the conscious observor than others. Some of us have been experiencing what feels like melt downs of people around us, including those we love. This week’s teleconference addresses how to clear toxic relationships, how to be aware if what you are feeling is yours or someone elses and how to support those that we love who are going through times of great change without having our own energy fields drained. As always, after the process, Ashli will take questions about your experiences with tonight’s topic first, then open to general questions.

Wednesday April 20th
Strengthening Your Star Family Connection

Whenever we open a workshop at ECETI James, Ashli and the Crew first do the Healing Negative Influences process. It has become an integral part of our daily lives and a definite MUST before connecting in meditation or healing. Tonight is is especially important as Ashli will be guiding you through a process to connect (or reinforce your connection) to your Star Family. This includes addressing any subconscious fears of making this connection. The evening will also include guidance on how to work with your Main Teacher or Guide – whether you’ve connected to them in a TransPersonal Release Session with James or in another way. Or whether you’re just beginning the process of connection. After the process Ashli will take questions about your experiences with tonight’s topic first, then open to general questions.

Wednesday April 27th  
Self Mastery & Spiritual Sovereignty

We begin with the Healing Negative Influences process to set the space. Our topic tonight focuses on the importance of understanding Self Mastery and Claiming Sovereignty over your energetic fields. Ashli has been attacked by Reptilians, observed a client shape shift into a Reptilian, had Serpent Beings attempt to derail her and much more. So tonight we go deep – into the powerful subject of understanding the concept of Self Mastery & Spiritual Sovereignty and the importance, in these changing times, of self responsibility. This evening’s topic may push some buttons for those caught up in the “Victim” loop. For true Self Mastery it is critical to move past the Victim into claiming your Divine Birth Right. Ashli will discuss what this means, how it is a work in progress and guide you through an exercise. After the process Ashli will take questions about your experiences with tonight’s topic first, then open to general questions.

Wednesday May 4th  
Orion Heart Meditation

We begin with the Healing Negative Influences process to set the space. Our topic tonight focuses on an Orion Heart Meditation that Ashli used to teach during her lifetime on Orion. We will first begin with a discussion of the importance of the Heart Center as a power center and then do a meditation to heal any residual wounding of the Heart. After that process Ashli and her Orion Master Healing Teacher will guide you through the specific Orion Heart Meditation. After the process Ashli will take questions about your experiences with tonight’s topic first, then open to general questions.

Wednesday May 11th  
Strengthening Connections with the Inner Earth Beings

We begin with the Healing Negative Influences process to set the space. Our topic tonight expands our connection with multidimensional Beings from our Star Family connections to the Inner Earth Beings. Many of you know about Agartha and Shambala and here at ECETI we have been aware for a long time that there is an entrance to the Inner Earth in Mt Adams. Last year after the Self Mastery & Making Contact workshop James & I received multiple messages from Inner Earth Beings that they are getting ready to make direct contact. In my meditation after the teleconference Strengthening Your Star Family Connection I was again contacted by Inner Earth Beings requesting we do a teleconference introducing their energies to anyone who is drawn to begin making these connections. I am humbled to be part of this reconnection. There will be a discussion followed by a meditation to introduce their energies to you. After the process Ashli will take questions about your experiences with tonight’s topic first, then open to general questions.

Wednesday May 18th  
Preparing for 11th Dimenional Contact

We begin with the Healing Negative Influences process to set the space. Our topic tonight focuses on the increase of energies on the planet as we prepare for the 11th Dimensional Contact with the MotherShip that has come through the Black Hole. The Light Beings from this Craft are here to assist in the Awakening Process and their frequency is supporting us to shift what no longer serves us. The impact of their energies is already being felt as we have previously discussed. Tonight’s call is focued on going deeper into preparation for this contact both on the Inner Realms and in the phsyical. There will be information sharing as well as a meditation process. After the process Ashli will take questions about your experiences with tonight’s topic first, then open to general questions.

Wednesday June 1st – Wednesday July 6th, 2017

June 1st Star Family Intensive: Connecting with the Pleiadians
June 8th Star Family Intensive: Connecting with the Orion Council of Light
June 15th Star Family Intensive: Connecting with the Sirians
June 22nd Star Family Intensive: Connecting with the Andromedans
July 13th Star Family Intensive: Connecting with the Arcturians
July 20th Star Family Intensive: Connecting with the Benevolent Annunaki