EarthBag Dome Building with Elizabeth Diane

Earthbag dome building is a permanent, very stable and inexpensive structure building method for small to medium size homes, buildings or retaining walls and landscaping structures.  Materials commonly used are polypropylene bags (either in long tubes, or rice/food bags), feed bags, or other similar sized, very strong bags that are filled with a stablized soil, or alternately with scoria, and tamped into place with double rows of barbed wire in between bag layers.  Dome strenth is based on compression of the super-strong dome shape. A specific and well-studied form of earthbag dome building is Superadobe, developed by Nader Khalili, an Los Angeles based Iranian architect.  Khalili’s organization,, has tested their method and found it surpasses the California Earthquake code. The dome geometric shape used in most cases and at ECETI is the top half of a “vesica pisces”.  Domes can be clustered with beautiful archways for expanded floor area.


-Learn the essentials of “dome raising"

-Hands on with the core of the dome — earth bag techniques and fitting for openings, i.e. windows, doors, plumbing, etc. (Finish and plaster techniques will be later, after the dome is complete)

-Daily “classroom” time topics (1-2 hours/day): permitting basics, plan drawing basics, design & engineering basics, sacred geometry

-Group morning gathering – meditation, intentions and stretching/warm up for the day

-SkyWatching at night

-Time with James Gilliland (when he is available)

-Connect with Multi-Dimensional Star Beings and the Divine Feminine

-Learn to apply your Self-mastery to everyday living

-Build with community for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Elizabeth Diane

Elizabeth Diane has 20 years design experience in the fields of green residential design, site planning + development, civil engineering + land surveying, with a passion for the Earth, music and the “Architecture of the Cosmos” (Sacred Geometry). She is also a professional sand sculptor. Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Ecological / Green Building Design + Furniture Design from The Evergreen State College.