Jay Gilliland has been practicing Bodywork/Massage for over 35 yrs. He teaches at 3 different massage schools on the west coast of the USA and also teaches workshops internationally. He is also a trained hypnotherapist and leads Holotropic Breathwork Seminars periodically and integrates these modalities into his sessions if needed.

$70 per hour or $90 for 90 min.

When you book your stay at ECETI you have the option to pre-arrange a massage session with Jay on your registration page. Actual session times are confirmed on your arrival at ECETI.


Jay is a master bodyworker whose expertise in structural alignment techniques and bodyreading are employed along with energetic modalities such as Reiki and Cranial/Sacral Therapy. Jay lives half the year in Mexico where he practices his body arts at the famous Haramara Yoga Retreat . During the Summer Jay is available for sessions at ECETI Ranch when he is not traveling teaching.  Jay’s current interests involve invoking expanded states of consciousness as a resource for healing and spiritual development. He is a lightworker dedicated to healing and the spiritual awakening of humanity.  

About the Sessions:

At the beginning of your session Jay will spend time with you discussing your intention and needs. Sessions are customized for the Client using a blend of modalities customized to effect lasting change and healing:

Precision Deep Tissue
Sports Massage
Orthopedic Structural Massage
Myofascial Release
Somatic Neuro-Integration
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/Trance work can also be integrated with massage or separately.