Quantum Shamanic Alchemy Healing with Chief Joseph

eye of godQuantum Shamanic Alchemy Healing incorporates the “practical” applications of Quantum Physics, Alchemy and the ancient art of Shamanism (Native American, Maori, Kahuna, Peruvian, Mayan, Lemurian, Atlantean, Samurai) in this unique blend of Multi-Dimensional energy healing.

Chief Joseph has been on his spiritual path for his entire lifetime, having been visited by Inner Earth Beings during his childhood in Okinawa.  He has been a member of the ECETI community for over 5 years.  In addition to his Quantum Shamanic Alchemy practice, Joseph channels a very ancient Galactic Elder referred to as the Grandfather, with the information coming through in Light Language.  Joseph also assists individuals with detoxing from a cellular level after clearing himself of head-to-toe psoriasis that he suffered from for over 20 years.

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To book your on site Quantum Shamanic Alchemy Healing session with Chief Joseph, go to the weekend that you are coming to the ranch and click “register here”.  Scroll down to the Healing Options for that weekend and select your preferred session day and time. Each session is unique, all are powerful.  Remote sessions are not available.

Thirty minute sessions Donation $100

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