Spiritual Counseling with Ashli

Over three decades Ashli has studied healing modalities such as Kinesiology, Spiritual Kinesiology, Sound Healing, Flower Essences and more.  For the past several years she has been a key member of the ECETI Crew, organizing workshops and assisting James with the Transpersonal Release Sessions.  Ashli has been blessed with the honor of doing the TPRS recaps for remote sessions.  During these sessions Ashli is often directed to guide clients through personalized channeled meditations.  It is with the encouragement of these clients and her Higher Self that Ashli returns to her mission of Healing and now offers both in person and remote Spiritual Counseling sessions.

On her 50th be-Earthy-day Ashli was given two spirit names in a sacred ceremony.  The first, Singing Elk Woman, came from her lifetime walking the Earth singing the land.  The second, Thunder Heart, represents the gift she shares of speaking directly and to the point and always from the Heart.  She doesn’t sugar coat.  In 2015 during a session with James, Ashli was told that on Orion she taught a specific type of connection to Source, with the Heart as the portal.

Each session is unique, depending on the needs of the client.  Upon booking a session you are encouraged to submit a short paragraph of what is happening in your life and where you feel guidance would assist.  You may also include up to 3 questions.  Please note this is not a Trans Personal Release Session – those interested in TPRS are encouraged to sign up for a session with James.  Ashli’s sessions deal with wounds to the Spiritual and Emotional bodies.

In addition Ashli also continues her dedication to supporting Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, an area of energetic healing that Ashli specialized in when she lived in Australia.  The modality that Ashli uses for this form of healing is only done in an in-person session.

You can choose a 1 hour, 90 minute or 2 hour session.  The sessions  include a recording of the personalized channeled meditation that comes through during your session.

To sign up for a Remote Session

In person sessions will begin in May when Ashli returns to ECETI.  
You can register for your in person session on the same registration page as the weekend you are coming to the ranch.  Note, in person sessions are limited during weekend workshops and the conference.