Get to Know Ashli

Cathy Drew, Sundance 2008
Ashli and her Heart Partner Joseph – at International Sundance

Ashli and her life partner Joseph have been integral parts of the ECETI Crew for over 3 years and part of the ECETI Family for over 5 years.   Ashli has been an energetic healer and spiritual counsellor for over 20 years with a focus on Spiritual and Emotional Healing including assisting Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Ashli leads Heart Healing and Star Family connection meditations at ECETI during SkyWatch weekends, leads meditations during ECETI’s annual Conference and also is now leading the Walking Meditations in the Galactic Medicine Wheel that was birthed at ECETI last summer.

Ashli has assisted James with the in person and remote TransPersonal Release Sessions for many years and has provided guidance and counselling to many of you as she handles the follow up calls to the remote Trans Personal Release Sessions. In addition, Ashli has begun to stand in for James on his As You Wish Talk Radio program when schedule conflicts prevent him from hosting. Ashli is honored to be part of the ECETI Crew and to support you in whatever is for your Highest and Best of remembering the Master that you are.

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