TPRS with James Gilliland

Thank you for your interest in having a Transpersonal Release Session with James Gilliland. We can do these sessions in person when you come to visit the ranch (open May to November) and we do them for people around the world remotely. It is just as effective remotely as it is in person. There is no time or space in Spirit.  The donation for a remote or in person TPRS with James Gilliland is $175 

Here is the basic protocol for a remote session:

If you are having a remote session, you book the date/time that James and a female crew member will remotely connect in with you, but we do not do it live on skype or phone. We ask that you get into a meditative state at least a half hour before your remote session is scheduled and be ready to let go of that which does not serve you. You receive the healing, then afterwards we recommend you integrate, ground and drink plenty of water. You will receive an email recap of your session within 3 days of the session. When you receive your confirmation email for your Remote TPRS there will be a link within that email to click on to book the date/time of your recap call. Note our service provides many local international numbers to call in for the recap. You can also call in using VoIP. (using your computer). The information is included in your confirmation email for your recap call.

Here is what is covered in both remote and in person sessions:

This healing is a method of empowerment for you to connect with your main teacher and guide as well as releasing the past-so take care to notice any physical sensations that occur at the time of the healing, as this will be a signal of your guides presence that you can work with in the future.

The session is conducted by James and one of the female “crew” at ECETI. We use the male/female energy combined to get clear information as well as access the highest consciousness and energy available. 

With your main teacher and guide we are going to go into this life and any past lives that need clearing, or that you need to know about. It is very much like a river with boulders in it. The water is still flowing in the river, but there may be boulders that the water has to flow around and compensate for. If we remove these boulders, it allows you a clearer connection to your higher self, your true nature as well as being initiated and reconnected.

 First, we clear any unseen negative influences and call in the Christed beings so we have a clear space to do the session in. 

Then we:

1) Find out the name of the current teacher/guide working most closely with you at this time and which dimension s/he is from.

2) Determine how many past lives need to be cleared and clear them (without getting into the story)

3) Determine how many past lives are most importantly influencing this life and if they were on planet or off planet and where/when

4) Do a timeline clearing starting from age 1 – we clear the misunderstandings, again we don’t always go into the story.

5) Hold space for your main teacher/guide to do an initiation with you so you become very familiar with how their energy feels

6) There is time afterwards for you to get answers to up to 3 questions.  If you are doing a remote session we ask that you email us a maximum of 3 questions that can be answered with a Yes/No or a timeline (i.e. in 3 weeks) answer.  Questions can be things like challenges you may be having, yes/no questions you’d might like guidance on, questions about whether a particular situation is for your highest good, whether you have a past life connection with a particular person or not and where/when that took place, questions to clarify a spiritual experience you might have had, etc. Please don’t ask “will I SUCCEED at” as the definition of success in Spirit is about your Spiritual Journey, not about fame or finances.  We don’t need a long story or background around each question, usually just the question is sufficient to obtain information that is for your Highest Good.

7) A typical session lasts 10-30 minutes (depending on how much clearing is needed)  If you have had an in person session we will do the follow up right at the end of your session and we recommend after your session you go outside and ground with the Earth.

8) After the session if you have had a remote session we will email you the recap of the session within 3 days.  When you receive your confirmation email for your Remote TPRS there will be a link within that email to click on to book the date/time of your recap call with Ashli.  Again, we recommend you ground with the Earth after your session.  

We ask for a one hundred and seventy five dollar donation for the session to help support the work of ECETI.   The donation for a TPRS remains the same as last year.

Pricing and Important Information

For in person sessions please visit the ECETI 2018 calendar and then go to the weekend that you are going to be at ECETI and book your session there.   We have slots available throughout the weekend unless we have a workshop going on.  When all spots are filled it will show SOLD OUT.  The ranch will be open May 3rd – mid November 2018.

Your day and time is confirmed when you make your payment for the TPRS.  Please ensure you arrive at the ranch at least 30 minutes before your session.

Please use this link to register (now active) for a REMOTE Transpersonal Release Session with James Gilliland.  You will be able to pick the date and time of your session from the listing available on that page and in doing so will be confirmed for that date and time.  We request that you make sure to submit your 3 questions no later than 5pm the night before your session.  A reminder email will go out the Tuesday prior to the coming week’s remote sessions.

Up until 7 days prior to session: fully refundable less the $5 ticketing fee
7 days prior to session to 3 days prior to session: $25 nonrefundable
3 days prior to session to 48 hours prior to session: $75 nonrefundable
47 hours or less prior to session: nonrefundable

IMPORTANT:  Remote sessions will resume in May 2018.  Registration for 2018 remotes is now open.

Please be aware that sometimes James’s calendar changes.  If a situation occurs where Creator has plans for James that we are not yet aware of, you will be advised in advance if your remote session needs to be rescheduled. If this does happen, we will reschedule your TPRS for a mutually convenient time as close to your original scheduled session as possible or if you prefer, refund your donation. We appreciate your understanding that humans plan and Creator sometimes laughs, and we look forward to supporting you with your session.