John Vivanco

John Vivanco

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Remote Viewing ET’s, Mt. Adams and locations of High Strangeness

Duration: 1hr 30mins

When you travel the Universe with your mind for a living, it’s inevitable ET’s will take notice of you. For John, this has resulted in contact experiences, from physical to telepathic, and quite often – if you remote view them, they will come.

John will present some remote viewing projects he’s worked on that resulted in ET’s paying him a visit. He will also speak about what he and his Remote Viewers have seen in locations of High Strangeness, and why the development of our intuition is vital for humanity’s next step.

Ultimately, there are stages to “contact”, and shifting our own internal paradigm into developing and fully trusting a new sense. It’s time to move forward! Join John to explore this, and seek your own “disclosure”.

About the Workshop || Remote Viewing


Duration: 2 hrs

Investment: $22.00

Grab your favorite pen because John will teach you the core of remote viewing, and how to use it anytime, anywhere.

This workshop focuses on the ideograms, the central aspect and beginning point of the remote viewing protocol. This technique can be used as a stand alone practice to grab quick answers to questions you face in daily life, as well as the beginning point to travel the Universe with your mind.

If you plan on taking this workshop a useful tool to bring with you is an ipod, or smart phone with headphones/ear buds loaded with a theta binaural beat, that will drop you into a meditative state. By no means is this necessary, but if you do, the recommendation would be a theta binaural beat by Kelly Howell –

Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence